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Veterinary Medicine

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Veterinary Medicine. The course provides students with the clinical skills and scientific knowledge to become a veterinary surgeon and also expertise in all other elements of veterinary medicine. The course is well designed and tailored to impart high standard education.

If students enjoy biology, have an enquiring mind and wish to work with animals, then veterinary medicine is a good degree course for them. The course enables students to unfold their potentials and learn a number of aspects of veterinary medicine. The veterinary medicine degree course encompasses a fine blending of theory work as well as a variety of practical exercises.

Why Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge offers an unparalleled opportunity to study the scientific basis of veterinary medicine. Students are taught the subject by some of the well recognized working professionals in this field. This basic knowledge equips students with the essential building blocks to excel and develop in students' specialist field for the rest of their occupational life. The University of Cambridge offers a unique social and intellectual environment wherein students gain knowledge at the greater level.

There are many opportunities within veterinary science. Some of the students may want get into private practice which is becoming specialized. However, veterinary surgeons are hired in various fields such as research establishments, universities, government services and pharmaceutical companies.

The course at Cambridge provides an excellent hands-on clinical teaching that provides students with the clinical skills that they need to become a private practitioner. The course provides students with the scientific understanding, which may require getting into any of the areas of veterinary medicine. The course provides students thorough understanding and rapid progress being made in veterinary science.

The duration of Veterinary Medicine degree course is six years but equips students with two degrees. In the first two years, students shall study the major biological sciences that strengthen the practice of veterinary medicine. Students are taught these subjects in the university's science departments by experts in their respective fields. In the third year, students shall study a subject chosen from a broad range of possibilities, which will subsequently lead to the award of a BA degree. During the final three years, students shall start to learn how to interpret their excellent education in the biosciences into practical effect as they receive their clinical instruction that leads to the VetMB degree.

This degree enables students to become a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This is the professional qualification require to get into the practice. The University of Cambridge offers a Veterinary Medicine course, which is in an extensive use of practical teaching. Most probably, Cambridge was the first veterinary school to introduce a lecturer-free and hands-on final year. In this year, students are given responsibility for cases under the close supervision of the senior clinicians. Students are given individual attention to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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