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Theology and Religious Studies - Course Requirements

Students do not need any specific subject at 'A' level or equivalent for admission to Theology and Religious Studies. They also do not require to have studied Religious Studies at 'AS' or 'A' level. Subject such as history, religious studies, modern languages and English may be helpful. Students who have fully science background study theology and religious studies and carry out their tasks effectively. Students are advised to check college websites for college specific requirements. They also see entrance requirements for qualification, entry and offers.

An Evolving Course

The course is designed to allow students concentrate on Christianity or follow a broader route comprising the comparative study of a series of religious traditions, theoretical as well as philosophical issues. The course may include topics such as the early church, the religious traditions of India, religion and science and aspects of journalism.

Entrance Requirements

There is no entrance exam for admission to this course. Part first is designed to be an introduction to religious and theological study with a high amount of flexibility. Therefore, it provides greater insights to those who have background in the subject and for those who do not have. Students may find it caters for a broad variety of interests such as historical, biblical, comparative and philosophical as well as a combination of any or all of these. Students do not have to be religious to study for this degree. Presently, students belong to all religious traditions and none.

Changing course

The course is split into three one-year sections: part first, part second 'A' and part second 'B'. Students can join from other Cambridge courses at any point. Even though the course is full-three years, it is possible to study one or two years of theology and religious studies before or after one or two years of another subject like

  • Law
  • English
  • History
  • Classics
  • Philosophy
  • History of Art
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Politics, Psychology and Sociology

Career Opportunities

In this course, students may obtain a range of skills they have learned from languages and literary criticism to philosophy and history that makes theology and religious studies good arts degree. Subsequently, Cambridge graduates get into various careers. Some of the students get into teaching or religious ministry whereas others get jobs in the media, publishing, social services, business and management, personnel work, advertising, civil service and many other options.

Upon completing the course, students get the job of their interest. The course helps students to develop their knowledge and enhance skills required to perform the tasks. Students are given thorough understanding of the subject. They are given practical exercises to hone their skills. Students get into various fields to carve their career.

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