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Theology and Religious Studies

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Theology and Religious Studies. The course is well modified and designed with the aim of providing quality education. The course provides students thorough understanding of the subject.

The theology and religious studies incorporates various topics such as medical ethics and sacred scriptures of some of the major religious traditions. Students who are interested in theology and religious studies advised to take admission to this course. The course enables students to unfold their potentials. The course provides students complete understanding of theology and religious studies.

The world's population approximately three to four billion is involved in the major religions. Therefore, the development of religious understanding has huge implications for national, international and individual peace and well-being. The course focuses on major issues such as individual search for meaning, good and evil, fundamental issues of war and peace, truer understanding, freedom and bondage, etc.

The course involves students in the study of the specific periods of human civilization, the sacred scriptures, the writings of great thinkers like Aquinas and Luther, Durkheim and Freud, Augustine, Hegal and Marx and reflection of recent scientific theories. The course enables students to explore the ways wherein the human race has delivered its religious convictions and the impact they have had with questions about the nature, the human search for meaning and the existence of God.

The Theology and Religious Studies course has links and responsibilities to a broad range of academics disciplines, modern societies and religious communities, which are deeply concerned about the enormous transformation occurring around us.

Ancient and Modern Resources

Theology at Cambridge has been studied since the mid-thirteenth century; however, there is nothing old-fashioned about the course. The theology faculty building was built in Britain for over a century. The astonishing building indicates the liveliness and strength of the subject in Cambridge. It is very popular among students as well. The building is fully equipped with seminar and lecture rooms, state of the art audio-visual facilities and multimedia library.

The resources may include the manuscripts held in the University Library comprising the Codex Bezae (a version of the Gospel) and the Genizah Collection (important source for medieval journalism). The faculty is one of the best and largest staff of theological study in the UK with more than twenty full-time lectures and professors. The university has an international teaching staff including members of various faiths.

Additionally, the faculty draws on the knowledge of the other faculties, especially, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and History. Subsequently, students are taught about a broad range of cultures from ancient India and Israel to contemporary Britain by various experts such as historians, philosophers, archaeologists and theologians.

Students may expect up to ten hours of classes and lectures each week including one for a core paper, six for non-language papers and three for languages. Students also have weekly supervision.

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