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Teaching Economics at Cambridge

The faculty for economics is one of the best faculties in the UK. These faculty members have been active among other bodies such as the Competition Commission, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, the Accounting Standard Board and the Law Pay Commission.

Students are taught through employing various teaching methods and strategies. They are given complete understanding of the subject. Students are given theoretical assignments and practical exercises. Every student is given individual attention. The course ensures all round development of the students.

There are a number of faculty members who advise international agencies such as World Bank, OECD, United Nations and IMF. In September 2003, the faculty of Economics celebrated its glorious 100th birthday. The faculty remains committed to using economics for the public policy improvement.

There are various benefits to study economics at Cambridge. The Marshall Library of Economics, one of the best in the UK, offers an extensive and comprehensive array of journals, books, papers in economics and convenient study facilities. The faculty has its own computer network. Students have an easy access to a broad range of software and statistical databases.

Students run Marshall Society for all Cambridge economists. The society organizes social events and informal lectures from well-known visiting speakers like the Governor of the Bank of England.

Changing Course

Students may combine Economics with another subject by spending the first year taking part first Economics and then moving to another subject for example law, sociology, psychology and politics or by finishing two years of Economics followed by the last year subject like Management Studies. Students may study another subject like Mathematics for one year before moving to part second 'A' Economics. There are many students who make changes every year.

Career Opportunities

During their stay at Cambridge, students may expect to enhance skills to gain knowledge of economic conditions, the analysis of practical issues, understand complex arguments, effective communication and analysis of data. Students are provided many opportunities to hone their skills which are required in many managerial, professional and financial occupations.

Some of the economic graduates get into professional training in actuarial work, chartered accountancy and similar fields whereas others are hired by financial institutions or as professional economists in government, industry and management consultancy. Erstwhile undergraduates who are, especially, prominent in public offices are the chairman of the financial services authority, governor of the bank of England, Lord Turner and Mervyn King.

After completing graduation in Economics, students go for master's degree courses in Cambridge and other universities and colleges in the UK. Students can pursue master's degree in general economics and in many specialized sub-disciplines. Students who have acquired various skills on the Economics graduate course provide them a firm foundation. Students holding graduation or post-graduation degree in Economics have good career prospect.

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