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Support at the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers all kind of supports to students and takes care of their all round development. All students need support which they will receive through their colleges. The university has various services that provide students special assistance they need.

College Welfare

Each student is a part of a smaller college community, which makes sure its members are valued and supported. Therefore, it is difficult for students who are facing a particular problem or feeling a bit lonely and lost to go unnoticed. Within the college, students have various people looking out for their personal and academic welfare and supporting them throughout their stay at Cambridge.

Director of Studies

Students' Director of Studies shall usually be a fellow of their college (a senior member of the College who perform duties such as administration, research and teaching) however, they sometimes may be a fellow of another college. These directors are appointed to look after students' academic welfare and advise them on their subject. They guide students through their course choices, monitor their progress, arrange their weekly supervisions and help students with problems arising from their studies.


Apart from Director of Studies, some of the colleges will distribute students a tutor. Their tutor shall also be an academic but usually in a different subject support. They offer students specific personal advice if they required it. Tutors have access to bursaries, grants and funds, which may be used to help students who need financial assistance.

College Staff

Students who need any personal support or medical assistance or even just a cup of tea coffee will be helped by college people. The colleges have various people who serve as a nurse, college-based counselor and nondenominational chaplain.


The Counseling service at the university offers a confidential and free service to all students. Students who are facing any personal or emotional concerns may discuss with professional counselors who are available to talk. Students are advised to visit university website for more information about counseling.

Life at Cambridge

Some of students explain their Cambridge experience how it is amazing and how they managed to fit alongside their studies. Students get an enthusiastic environment at the University of Cambridge. There is a wide range of student-organized events and entertainment such as club nights and film and other activities run by the societies and clubs.

The Cambridge students are asked to describe their experiences about the university using alphabet and letters. This short film is created with the intention of providing perspective students an insight into life at Cambridge. Students are given many opportunities in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. They are equipped with various activities with the intention of offering an opportunity to unfold their potential.

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