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Student Fees and Finance - Cambridge

Students have to pay the tuition fees at Cambridge, which is the same as other university in the country. The university has one of the broadest Bursary Schemes. Students may choose any university that has two costs to be considered, student living costs and the costs of their tuition.

This section provides details for EU and UK students beginning a course at the University of Cambridge in the preset year. If students are from outside the EU, there are different arrangements and students must check the Costs to consider page in the section of International Students for details.

Costs at Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge may be cost-effective for the reasons mentioned below.

  • A wide Bursary Scheme
  • Very competitive living costs
  • Tuition fees for EU/ UK undergraduates, which are the same as most other English universities

Additionally, as a Cambridge graduate, students will be highly sought after and employable. Statistics from the University Careers Service show that only five percent of Cambridge students are searching for employment or further study after graduation. Independent studies also show that the Cambridge graduates may earn considerably more over their lifetime than those students without degree. Students are advised to see the Careers: Transforming you future section for information about career prospectus. The outline of costs along with studying at Cambridge is given below.

Cost-effective Cambridge 2010-11

Tuition fees - 3,290 per year
Living costs including - c.6,000-7,500 per year
Accommodation - c.70-100 per week
c.90-115 per week en suite
Kitchen facilities charges - c.12-15 per week
College meals - c.2-3
Transport - Cheap or free!

Tuition Fees

Students need to pay fees at the University of Cambridge, which is the same as other universities. The tuition fees for EU/UK students studying for their first undergraduate degree is 3,290 for all courses each year as outlined in the Access Agreement and accepted by the Office for Fair Access.

Students do not need to pay their tuition fees when they are studying at the university. They may choose to do if they want to or they can take a government student loan for tuition fees and put back payment until they have graduated. The student loan for tuition fees does not require to be paid back after they have left university but they only pay back once they are earning salary that is determined by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Students need to pay back the tuition fees in manageable installments. International students may get the information about tuition fees on Costs to consider for international students webpage.

Tuition fees for affiliated students shall be higher level that the standard EU/UK fee. Students are advised to see the affiliated student page for more information. Tuition fees are also higher for Islands students who are from the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

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