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St Edmund's College - University of Cambridge

St Edmund's College was established in 1896. It is a graduate college with approximately 350 student members and 50 fellows. The college is committed to the support of its members who are serving across the academic disciplines. The college has relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages students to concentrate on their studies.

St Edmund's College has a multidisciplinary and international flavour. The college has almost half of the international students from more than sixty countries. The college is situated in quiet parkland and is suitably placed for the teaching centres of arts faculties comprising science and law departments on the West Cambridge site, the university library, the veterinary school and the city centre.

Students are provided with accommodation constructed, especially, for students with physical disabilities. Each room is connected with university's computer network and the internet. Additionally, there are six maisonettes, which are appropriate for students. The college has a Brain Heap Building with approximately 71 student rooms. Apart from these facilities, there is the library building comprising a library, a large lecture room, a gym, a teaching rooms and a music practice room.

The college has a student body that elects a lively executive committee yearly and runs the Combination Room with its pool table, bar and host of social events. The college has an extensive ground, which provides for recreational activities and the kitchen provides three meals a day.

The college arranges various activities throughout the year. Students take part in these activities enthusiastically. There are several college societies comprising a lively music society, a law society and a choir. The college has a Chapel that replicates the catholic tradition and is open to other Christian bodies. The chapel is open to all members of college as a place of prayer and meditation.

There is Von Hugel Institute founded within the college that includes a group of scholars comprising visitors from abroad who study social issues of poverty, peace, justice and sustainability in a religious context. The Faraday Institute organizes scholarly research, publication and teaching on religion and science.

Directors of Studies:

  • Architecture: Dr K Steemers
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr C Roughley
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr P-Y Lin
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr D Woodman
  • Education: Dr M Swan
  • Classics: Ms N Hennessey
  • Engineering: Dr K Soga
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr J Chew
  • Economics: Dr E Aldworth
  • Computer Science: Dr R Harle
  • English: Dr C Moseley
  • History: Dr R Horrox
  • Geography: Dr R Randall
  • History of Art: Dr A Gannon
  • Music: Dr B Walton
  • Law: Dr S Butler
  • Land Economy: Dr E Silva
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr C Barlow
  • Management Studies: Dr E Yin
  • Mathematics: Dr S Wadsley
  • Philosophy: Dr R R Manning
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr J Liht
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr E Davey
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend Dr M Robson
  • Natural Sciences: Professor U Steiner (Physical), Dr M Field (Biological)
  • Medicine: Professor H Gaston (Clinical), Dr D Webster (Pre-Clinical)
  • Veterinary Medicine: Mr M Herrtage (Clinical), Dr D J Chivers (Pre-Clinical)

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