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St Catharine's College - University of Cambridge

St Catharine's College was established in 1473 and is located in the centre of Cambridge. The college encompasses approximately 410 undergraduates, 150 graduates and 69 fellows. St Catharine's College is committed to academic success and excellence whilst maintaining a relaxed and sociable environment. The college is situated from where most of the university departments and various historic buildings are within short walking distance.

Students are provided with accommodation facilities. The college keeps and maintains sociable and pleasant atmosphere around it. The college is located in the centre of town. St Catharine's is a diverse and lively community and have achieved a reputation for friendliness. Students get admission purely based upon their academic merit and potential. The college encourages applications from a broad possible range of students irrespective of their social and educational background.

Students will get accommodation for three years. The first year and third year students live on the main site whereas the second year students live as a community in a complex, which is designed attractively in the areas that is at the heart of Cambridge. Some of the fourth year students are accommodated on-site.

The college conducts the interview the vast majority of applicants and makes the admission process as positive and constructive as possible. St Catharine's College offers outstanding facilities for academic as well as extra-curricular activities. The college has well equipped library comprising an ample collection of books, journals, magazines and periodicals. It also has a computer facility for students with a high-speed internet access.

St Catharine's has a small concert auditorium and a theatre. The college offers students many sports facilities such as squash, tennis and badminton courts, all-weather hockey pitch and playing fields. The college has an active choir whose work is to make recordings. It is the first college to be awarded Fair Trade status.

St Catharine's is a supportive and inclusive college with an authentic sense of community sprit between graduate and undergraduate students, staff and fellows. The teaching staff and Directors of Studies facilitate students to realize their academic potential while the Chaplain, Tutors and student officers take care of undergraduates' welfare.

Applicants may contact the Admission Officer to get more information and they can telephone, email and fax to arrange visits to St Catharine's. Applicants are advised to visit the college website for more information.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr G Carr
  • Classics: Dr R Wardy
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr R Dance
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr M John
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Professor H Van de Ven
  • Economics: Dr S Iyer
  • Computer Science: Dr S Taraskin
  • Engineering: Dr M P F Sutcliffe
  • History: Dr L Delap
  • Geography: Dr I C Willis
  • English: Dr H Lees-Jeffries
  • Land Economy: Dr P Tyler
  • Medicine: Dr A Harper
  • Law: Dr M C Elliott
  • Management Studies: Mr M Kitson
  • Linguistics: Dr G Kantaris
  • Mathematics: Ms I Borzym
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr M P F Sutcliffe
  • Music: Dr E Wickham
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr G Kantaris
  • Natural Sciences: Dr S Taraskin (Physical), Dr D Aldridge (Biological)
  • Philosophy: Dr R Wardy
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Dr K Dell
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr H Wydra
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr D Bainbridges

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