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SATs and Advanced Placement Tests - Cambridge

The prospective candidates from the USA taking SATs and Advanced Placement Tests must note that offers are generally made upon individual basis. Apart from a high pass in the High School Diploma and the SAT, successful applicants have normally obtained 5s in minimum five Advanced Placement Tests in proper subjects.

Advanced Highers and Scottish Highers

Candidates with Scottish qualifications are welcome. However, the university does not usually make offers based on Highers alone. Candidates are expected to have obtained at least four 'A' grades at Higher Grade plus Advanced Highers. Offers shall generally be AAB or AAA in three Advanced Highers. In few cases two Advanced Highers and an additional Higher can be accepted.

If students are studying a Scottish Baccalaureate qualification, then they shall be expected to offer three Advanced Highers. Candidates who are not allowed to study more than two Advanced Highers due to reasons outside their control shall be considered on a case by case basis. They are advised to contact the College to which they wish to apply as soon as possible.

VCE and Applied A levels, GNVQs and BTECs

VCE A levels, Applied A levels, GNVQs and BTECs are not appropriate preparation for many Cambridge courses, where the focus is upon academic than vocational. For courses that need an extensive background of technical knowledge, VCE or Applied A levels, GNVQs or BTECs cannot be used to replace the 'highly desirable' and 'essential' A levels listed for each course.

Nevertheless, if the 'highly desirable' and 'essential' subjects are covered, a six-unit VCE or Applied A level may be taken in place of a third A level or as an additional fourth broadening subject. The grouping of 'A' levels and VCE or other qualifications can be acceptable for some courses. The prospective candidates taking these qualifications are advised to seek more advice from an Admissions Tutor.

Welsh Baccalaureate

The applications from candidates who are taking the Advanced Diploma in the Welsh Baccalaureate are welcome. Candidates shall be expected to have studied three subjects at 'A' level as elements of their qualification. Offers shall be conditional on achievement in the 'A' levels within the qualification than the overall Baccalaureate award and standard conditional offer for entry shall be A*AA.

If students are taking any other exam system comprising the Advanced International Certificate of Education offered by Cambridge Assessment. Students must contact the Cambridge Admission Office as soon as possible to ensure that it will provide a proper preparation for the course they wish to study at Cambridge. Whatever college or school students are being educated in, entry standards at Cambridge need students to have studied to the highest level available for school students and have obtained high grades.

Applicants Studying for a Combination of Qualifications

Candidates who are taking a combination of qualifications drawn from different systems are welcome. The combination of qualification from different systems, for example, a combination of Advanced Highers and 'A' levels or of 'A' levels and IB Higher Level subjects, offered that the individual qualifications are acceptable and the subject requirements for the proper course are met.

In case a conditional offer is made, then it will usually ask for achievement in line with typical offers available to candidates taking a single type of qualification. Nevertheless, the precise details of such conditional offers shall inevitably be based upon the individual circumstances of the application.

If applicant is taking the same subjects in different exam systems, for example, taking both Pre-U Physics and 'A' level Physics. It is not probable to give general guidance about the possible offer level as any offer shall be modified to the candidates' individual circumstances.

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