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Robinson College - University of Cambridge

Robinson is one of the best colleges affiliated to the University of Cambridge. The contemporary environment of the college provides students the perfect setting for achieving and learning. The college location is outstanding, close to some of the university departments and a short walk from the city centre. The college is looking forward to becoming the most inclusive and welcoming college in Cambridge.

The college has an intellectually stimulating environment to live in. There are many students on almost all Cambridge courses and the college provides all the resources students need. Robinson equips students with extended facilities to make it easy for them to focus on their studies. The college provides students facilities with the intention of assisting them to pursue academic excellence.

The college has a community of scholars, which is diverse, bright and down to earth who welcomes students and helps them to understand the admission procedures. Students are offered many outstanding facilities such as accommodation, which is warm, well equipped and comfortable. The college ensures students that they are offered accommodation facilities for the duration of their original course. Students are provided the best college meals in the Cambridge. Students may eat in the garden restaurant, informal cafeteria-style or the optional twice-weekly formal dinners.

The college is located in beautiful a tranquil garden that is the short distance from the city centre. Students have the university library that is just across the road and the arts faculties, veterinary medicine, new West Cambridge, computer and mathematics buildings. Students are expected to work hard in order to achieve their academic potential. Students have any question; they may ask Amy Webber in the Admission Office.

Robinson is a newest college in the University of Cambridge. It was established in 1981 with a donation by the philanthropist and entrepreneur Sir David Robinson. The college has approximately 100 graduates, 400 undergraduates and 80 fellows. The college plays a vital role in helping students to realize their academic potential. Students have Director of Studies to assess their work.

Directors of Studies:

  • Architecture: Dr Y Jin
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr M E McDonald
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr R Love
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr M Shin
  • Economics: Dr M Hayes
  • Classics: Dr D S McKie
  • Computer Science: Dr R W Sharp
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr C F Kaminski
  • Education: Dr M Evans
  • English: Dr M D Hurley
  • Engineering: Dr A Markaki
  • Geography: Dr S T Trudgill
  • History of Art Professor: P Binski
  • Land Economy: Dr E A Silva
  • History: Dr D Thom
  • Law: Dr I J Alexander
  • Management Studies: Dr I A Rudy
  • Linguistics: Dr B Vaux
  • Medicine: Mr P J A Hutchinson (Clinical), Dr A Sharkey (Pre-clinical)
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend Dr D Cornick
  • Mathematics: Dr C D Warner
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr J Page
  • Music: Dr J R Thurlow
  • Philosophy: Dr A Chew
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr J E Smith
  • Veterinary Medicine: Mrs C E Latham
  • Natural Sciences: Dr W P Nolan (Physical), Dr B J McCabe (Biological)

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