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Queens' College - University of Cambridge

Queens' College is one of the best educational institutes in the UK. The aim of the college is to impart quality education and produce excellent professionals in various fields. The college incorporates modern and medieval architecture in extensive gardens. Queens' college has an enthusiastic learning environment where students are encouraged to learn.

Queens' is an unpretentious and open college. Students get admission at the college purely based upon their academic potential. Queens' looks for applicants from diverse sector of education. The college encourages applicants from schools with no earlier history of application to the college. Queens' aims at ensuring that no suitably qualified applicant is prevented from applying to Queens' due to disability or any social, financial or other consideration.

Queens' is centrally located in the city and it is one of the larger colleges in the UK. The college is characterized by high achievement and hard work but in atmosphere of informality and openness. The college has a fine combination of new and old buildings ranging from the fifteenth-century Old Court to the twentieth-century Cripps Court.

All undergraduates are equipped with accommodation facilities on the main college site for three year. Students are provided rooms, which are spacious and have internet connectivity. The college lays emphasis upon social activity and other extra-curricular activities. The college provides state-of-art facilities for music, theatre and dance. Students have other facilities such as a well equipped gym, squash courts, sports hall and cinema hall. The boathouse and sports grounds are in close proximity with the college.

The university organizes exams and lectures. The college is accountable for the individual teaching of its undergraduates. The practical exercises, lectures and classes are held in university lecture theatres and within departments. The college takes individual tuition for its own undergraduate students. Students have a Director of Studies to examine their academic work, monitor progress and advise on lectures.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr T Kivisild
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr E Kahrs
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr J Dennis
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr M Franklin
  • Classics Professor: J Diggle
  • Architecture: Dr J Campbell
  • Economics: Dr M Milgate
  • Computer Science: Dr R Walker
  • Engineering: Dr A Gee
  • Education: Dr J Whitehead
  • Geography: Dr L Watson
  • English: Dr I Patterson
  • History of Art: Dr J Campbell
  • History: Dr R Rex
  • Land Economy: Dr M Dixon
  • Linguistics: Dr I Sitaridou
  • Law: Mr R Fentiman
  • Management Studies: Dr C Pitelis
  • Music: Ms M Lovell
  • Philosophy: Dr F Steinberger
  • Mathematics: Dr J Gog
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr K Platts
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr M Crowley
  • Medicine: Dr H Field
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr H Field
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Professor J Scott
  • Natural Sciences: Professor E Terentjev (Physical), Dr B Glover (Biological)
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend Dr F Watts

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