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Politics, Psychology & Sociology

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Politics, Psychology and Sociology (PPS). The course aims at providing quality education. It explores a number of questions about human beings, which stimulate great passions. The course is well designed as well as modified with the purpose of providing high standard education in politics, psychology and sociology.

The degree course incorporates theoretical as well as practical exercises. The course is a fine blending of all major issues pertaining to politics, psychology and sociology. It enables students to consider in a detached and coherent manner. The course encourages students to think for themselves about various questions related to their subject and try to understand why others answer them differently.

Studying PPS at Cambridge

Politics, Psychology and Sociology is distinct among social sciences degrees due to the wide spectrum of subjects and choices available within the course. In some other institutions sociology, social and developmental psychology and politics and international studies are taught together under the same roof. In the first year part first, students may study two papers from the core disciplines (psychology, politics and sociology) and two optional papers. The optional papers involve an opportunity to take a third paper from the core disciplines or papers in computer science, geography, archaeology and anthropology and education.


The faculty of politics, psychology, sociology and international studies teaches the course. They organize a series of lectures for each paper that lasts one and four hours a week. The seminars and classes are also organized for some papers while the papers on biological psychology and cognitive psychology, statistics and methods of inquiry incorporate practical demonstrations and exercises. Generally, students have two supervisions a week to discuss their work. The teaching is focused on students and enhancing their ideas and reasoning.

The faculty has good library. The library is well equipped with all facilities such as computers and internet. The library has ample array of books, journals, magazines and periodicals. The faculty organizes occasions for students to meet staff and other students outside lectures. Many students who are writing dissertations utilize the summer vacation to pursue research overseas, sometimes, financed by travel grants from their college.

Careers and Research Opportunities

The Politics, Psychology and Sociology course combines the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills needed to get into a professional career with an extensive education that may lead to careers in civil service, management, media, diplomacy, and academia, national and international non-governmental organizations. The course offers students a wide range of career openings. Students who pursue the psychology pathway are eligible for admission to various professional courses such as forensic, educational, clinical or functional psychology through graduate membership of the British Psychology Society.

Some of the students after completing the course got into a variety of fields such as law, finance, business, consultancy, etc. Many Cambridge graduates pursue further research and study abroad.

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