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Plastic Electronic Materials at Imperial College

Imperial College London offers a postgraduate course in Plastic Electronic Materials. The course is designed to impart high standard education. The Department is leading a new Doctoral Training Centre in plastic electronic materials, which aims to prepare and train doctoral scientists in this fast moving, exciting and interdisciplinary field. The major part of the course training is the newly established twelve-month MRes in Plastic Electronics, which aims at providing students a complete foundation in the materials science, chemistry, physics and device engineering of plastic electronic materials.

The MRes course also provides practical training in diverse areas comprising device fabrication, microscopy, processing, printing and molecular modeling. The college invites visiting industrial lectures who teach advance courses in the state-of-the-art technology and methods. There is an option for students to develop the MRes project as an entrepreneurship exercise. The participating departments are Chemistry, Physics and Material at Imperial and the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Queen Mary.

The MRes course is open to graduate students with minimum an upper second class Honours degree in Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Chemical Engineering and allied disciplines. The college invites applications for ten fully funded four-year studentships leading to both PhD and MRes degrees. These degrees are available for UK and EU candidates who meet the Research Council criterion of having been ordinary resident in the UK for the past three years. Additionally, the college also welcomes suitably qualified, self-funded students for either a four-year PhD/MRes or the twelve month MRes.

The MRes programme includes two advanced and four core modules. These modules are evaluated by oral and written exams, many practical training courses, many of which are organized extremely and a research project resulting in a thesis. The bulk of the research project shall be carried out in the summer and spring terms.

Core Modules

  • Materials science applied to macromolecular materials
  • Molecular and polymer chemistry
  • Applications of electroactive materials and device physics
  • Optoelectronic processes and modelling

Advanced Courses

Design and processing of molecular materials
Optical, structural and electrical characterization of molecular materials

Practical Training Courses Include

  • High volume printing
  • Polymer processing
  • Advanced and imaging measurement of molecular electronic materials
  • Device fabrication
  • Molecular modelling

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