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Petroleum Geosciences at Imperial College

Imperial College London offers a postgraduate course in Petroleum Geosciences. It is a one-year, full-time multidisciplinary course providing a wide spectrum of earth science and associated subjects and their applications to the full range of hydrocarbon production and exploration.

The programme is well-designed for students with some industrial experience as well as for graduates who are seeking careers in the petroleum and relevant service industries. The course begins in early October, which presents the practices and methods of the modern petroleum industry. It lays significant emphasis upon developing transferable skills. The course provides students various practical exercises with the intention of enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Eligibility Criteria

The least entrance requirement is an upper second class Honours degree in an earth science-based subject from any recognized UK university or its equivalent. Graduates with any closely associated environmental/earth science degrees shall also be considered. Professionals with different educational background with relevant industrial experience are encouraged to apply.

Course Structure

Core Modules

  • Basin analysis
  • Applied sedimentology
  • Development geology and reservoir modelling
  • Characterization of fractured reservoirs
  • Geostatistics
  • Formation evaluation and petrophysics
  • Petroleum economics
  • Modelling of petroleum systems
  • Petroleum structural geology
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Seismic techniques and advanced seismic interpretation


  • Dorset, UK: Characterization of outcrop analogues for subsurface reservoirs and integrated analysis of petroleum systems

  • Utah/west Texas, USA: Stratigraphic analysis of the depositional systems from reservoir scale to basin-scale and comparison of structural styles in salt basins and extensional

Group Projects I

The chief multidisciplinary exercise is undertaken jointly by the Petroleum Geosciences, Petroleum Geophysics MSc groups and Petroleum Engineering. The college uses the latest industry standard software and hardware and undertakes the development planning and reservoir characterization of a hydrocarbon field using a dataset from the UK continental shelf.

Group Project II

Play and exploration evaluation projects incorporate integrated teams of geoscientists. Teams analyze well and seismic data in order to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of selected areas from a wide spectrum of global frontier exploration datasets.

Independent Project

The Independent Project takes place between June and September. Some of these consist of a placement in oil company offices that offers an excellent opportunity to obtain an insight into present industry practices.

Career Opportunities

The majority of graduates from this course are hired as petroleum geologists and geophysicists by oil companies. Other first destinations consist of: processing and interpretation of seismic data, geophysical contractors involved in the acquisition, geological consultancies serving the oil industry, organizations offering IT services to the oil industry, petroleum service divisions of financial institutions, financial institutions and higher education. After completing this course, students get into diverse field of careers.

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