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Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College

Imperial College London offers a postgraduate course in Petroleum Engineering. The course is well-designed and modified, which incorporates a fine blending of theories and practical exercises. The MSc course helps petroleum engineering professionals to understand the workflow concepts, which is establishing in the oil industry and, therefore, prepares them fully for work in multidisciplinary teams. The course offers a twelve-month conversion from other engineering and science-based foundations into the specialties of petroleum engineering. The course is designed for recent graduates as well as professionals with industrial experience.

Course Structure

The course commences in early October, which incorporates problem classes, formal lectures, computer and laboratory exercises. It is a full-time structured basis from October to March including approximately 390 hours. The course curriculum is organized around five teaching modules. All the modules feature a field trip, petroleum engineering laboratories, communication skills classes and seminars with industry.

Core Modules

  • Fundamental knowledge of fluids, reservoirs, production mechanisms and basic equations of flow through porous media
  • Reservoir characterization integration and process of knowledge from different types of data into a reservoir model
  • Well performance and well engineering prediction (completion, drilling, stimulation, NodalTM analysis)
  • Simulation of the behaviour of the prediction of reservoir performance and reservoir
  • Surface facilities and field development

Group Project

This integrated study uses the modern industry standard hardware and software to undertake the development and evaluation of a North Sea hydrocarbon field. The objective of the course is to inter-relate separate subjects taught in formal lectures including:

  • Drilling
  • Characterization
  • The design of surface facilities
  • Well and reservoir optimization
  • Application to regulatory authorities
  • Economic forecasting

The data for the project is subsequently integrated into a development proposal. The petroleum engineering and petroleum geosciences areas coordinate closely. It aim at creating a common culture enabling professionals from a number of disciplines to understand their own latent contribution, especially, to the reservoir characterization process. The reservoir characterization phase of the group project is performed in multidisciplinary groups that reproduce the make-up of an asset team.

Individual Projects

The individual project offers an excellent opportunity to study a particular element of petroleum engineering in depth, therefore, expanding the knowledge obtained in the taught modules. In some of the cases, the project is undertaken in association with industry and students shall be offered an option of industrial placements in the UK as well abroad. The course provides students thorough understanding of the subject and extends various career opportunities to them.

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