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Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Wycliffe Hall is one of the best centres for evangelical Christian life and study within the Oxford University. Its alumni and tutors have a strong record of publication and research in a broad range of aspects of Theology.

Many of the Wycliffe's students receive training for Christian ministry, especially, within the Anglican Church. This generally involves the study of first diplomas or degrees in theology. Nevertheless, students who already have degrees in theology may combine training for Christian ministry with graduate study. Some of the students come to Wycliffe Hall solely to work towards postgraduate research degrees. The college lays strong emphasis on Christian community and commitment. Wycliffe encourages students to play a dynamic part in that community.

Candidates who are interested to take admission to the college must contact the Hall directly. Such candidates need to submit the Hall's own application form that should be completed in addition to the University Graduate admission form. Candidates have to appear for the interview at some point after a university place has been offered. Candidates are advised to contact the Hall for further information.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are welcome to take admission to the college. The Hall makes sensible adjustments for such candidates to access its courses. Some of the buildings are wheelchair accessible.

Computing Resources

  • New Graduate Study Room along with facilities for private study
  • Wireless internet access all through main buildings
  • All study areas and student bedrooms are equipped with internet connections
  • Computer suite

Drama, Art, Music and Sport

  • Students participate in leading music for daily chapel services
  • Wycliffe Hall has a football team that plays in the university league and students form many other informal sporting teams
  • Wycliffe Hall does not have own sports grounds; however, the college is adjacent to the university parks

Accommodation and Meals

  • Wycliffe Hall has limited accommodation and usually graduate students will need to find their own housing. The college assists students in finding appropriate housing
  • Church of England ministerial students who are single shall be allocated either all-year or a term-time room
  • Church of England ministerial students with families shall be helped to find suitable housing
  • The Wycliffe Hall serves three meals per day during term time
  • Students can buy a full-meal package or lunchtime-only package
  • Graduate students shall be allocated a study desk in the graduate studies area

Funding and Prizes

Wycliffe Hall does not offer any individual bursaries or scholarship. However, some limited hardship grants are available to students facing financial hardship after beginning their studies. For further information, students are advised to visit either college or university website.


Wycliffe Hall has the Middle Common Room. The common room committee represents the study body and organizes various events. It also coordinates the running of the common room, which is equipped with a television, kitchen, pool table and newspapers. Some of the Wycliffe Hall students are married and have families. The college welcomes spouses and children for meals in college.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Studies in Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Academic Staff


  • The Revd William Donaldson
  • The Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone
  • The Revd Dr Elizabeth Hoare
  • The Revd Dr Justin Hardin
  • Revd Dr James Robson
  • Dr Matt Kirkpatrick
  • The Revd Dr Benno van den Toren
  • The Revd Dr Richard Turnbull
  • The Revd Dr Peter Walker
  • The Revd Dr Simon Vibert
  • The Revd Jenni Williams

Student Welfare

  • Senior Tutor: Revd Dr James Robson

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