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Wolfson College, Oxford

Wolfson College was established to provide a supportive and stimulating environment, geared specifically to the requirements of graduate students. Wolfson is purpose-built for graduate community on the banks of the River Cherwell in North Oxford. The college setting ensures that the main university facilities lie within the walking and easy cycling distance.

The college makes available various facilities for students and enjoys a thriving international community. All college members and their partners belong to the single common room, which reflects the college's egalitarian ethos. Many college committees comprising the Governing Body are open by annual election to all college members.

Library Resources

Wolfson College has a library, which is well-stocked including major texts for taught Master's courses. The library consists of a wide collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines. Students spend their time in the library to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Computing Resources

  • Computer room along with black and white and colour and printers available
  • Each room on the site has internet connections
  • Dedicated, professional IT team available for consultation
  • Additional computers in the library
  • Wi-fi access available in the meeting rooms, Library and family accommodation

Drama, Art, Music and Sport

  • Weights room
  • Social events and trips to art galleries, theatres and other venues are organized throughout the year
  • Teams exist in many sports and a diverse collection of clubs meeting regularly in the college
  • Lively programme of exhibitions in the Arts
  • College choir and music society
  • Multipurpose court for basketball, tennis and netball
  • Squash courts
  • College punts for hire (Wolfson is the only Oxford's punt harbour)

Accommodation and Meals

  • Accommodation is provided to almost all students in their first year. The college also provides accommodation for couples and family
  • All rooms are equipped with telephone and internet facilities and access to laundry and kitchen
  • The accommodation includes four study-bedroom apartments sharing bathroom, kitchen and shower although a number of en-suite rooms are available between October and June
  • The college offers two and three bedroom houses for couples with children and a two-room flat for couples
  • There is a professionally staffed Day Nursery and a children's playground

Prizes and Funding

  • Wolfson offers college-fee studentships in association with the Clarendon Fund. It must be noted that only continuing graduates are eligible for college fees bursaries
  • There is a conference/field-trip fund to help students and a fund to support students who are placed in unforeseen financial hardship
  • The Common Room Fund offers awards for student excellence in Sports and Arts and supports financially to student activities


The college has one common room for students, all members of college and fellows. Student representatives may get elected to many college committees including the Governing Body. Students are advised to refer the college website for information about courses.

Academic Staff (the list of some of the academic staff members is given below)

  • Ancient History & Archaeology: Dr Ellen Rice
  • Biochemistry: Professor Jonathon Austyn
  • Biomedical Engineering: Professor Alison Noble
  • Computing: Professor Samson Abramsky
  • Development Studies: Professor Stefan Dercon
  • Evidence-Based Social Studies: Dr Lucie Cluver
  • Islamic Art & Archaeology: Dr Zeynep Yurekli-Gorkay
  • Jewish Studies: Professor Martin Goodman
  • Marine Geology: Professor Anthony Watts
  • Numismatics: Professor Christopher Howgego
  • Theoretical Quantum Optics: Professor Vlatko Vedral
  • Philosophy of Physics: Professor Harvey Brown
  • Philosophy of Mathematics: Dr Dan Isaacson
  • Psychological Sciences: Professor John Rawlins
  • Radiation Biology: Professor Gilles McKenna
  • Non-Russian Slavonic Languages: Dr Jan Fellerer
  • Scientific Archaeology: Dr Rick Shulting
  • Socio-Legal Studies: Professor Denis Galligan
  • Evidence-Based Social Studies: Professor Frances Gardner

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