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Wadham College, Oxford

Wadham College is close to the University Science Area, the Bodleian Library and the city centre. It has large and quite grounds with most beautiful gardens in Oxford and fine early seventieth century quad alongside modern buildings.

Distinctively in Oxford, Wadham combines its Middle Common Room (MCR) with its Junior Common Room (JCR) in order to combine Student's Union. Graduates, therefore, play a full-part in the life of the college. The Tutor for Graduates is available for advice and consultation. Additionally, each graduate student is allotted a College Advisor whose academic interest is close to the student's own.

The college is widely regarded for its informal and stimulus learning environment. Students will find in Wadham a strong sense of community where they will be treated as an individual and make friends from a broad variety of backgrounds and many nations.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

Wadham College welcomes students with disabilities. Such candidates are considering making an application to contact the Tutorial Office in advance in order to discuss their requirements.

Library Resources

  • Open twenty-four hour a day, year round
  • Spacious and modern College library
  • Nine study carrels (comprising five lockable rooms) for graduate use only

Computing Resources

  • All rooms including those at Merifield are well-equipped with internet connections
  • Computer rooms at both on the site and Merifield well supported by full-time college IT staff
  • The computer room, on the main site, has laser printing that is accessible from any personal computer through the college network

Drama, Music, Art and Sport

  • Badminton and squash courts
  • Chapel
  • Student theatre
  • Music practice room
  • College sports ground and pavilion in North Oxford
  • Bar
  • Boathouse and punting facilities

Other Facilities

  • Indoor bike shed on the main site: extensive secure and under-cover bike sheds at Merifield
  • Presently, a new Graduate Centre is planned for the use of all Wadham students. It will feature fully-equipped kitchen facilities, a brand new graduate common room, TV room, computer room and seminar room

Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation is offered to all first-year graduate students who need it. Some of the first-year graduates are provided single accommodation in Merifield, an accommodation complex of shared flats close to the college sports grounds and about one mile from the main site. The college provides a limited number of rooms for first-year graduates on the main site. Wadham also offers accommodation for some second and third year graduates. A living out grant is provided to students to help with the cost of private accommodation.


Wadham College has a well-stocked Middle Common Room. It has a fun graduate atmosphere and great MCR facilities. There are a broad range of academic and social activities each term including guest nights, exchange dinners, weekly welfare teas, MCR subsidized trips to the theatre and regular graduate seminars where MCR members meet and discuss their research. The MCR Committee is very friendly and open to suggestions from its members.


  • Biological Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Classics and Joint Schools
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering and Joint Schools
  • Economics and Management
  • History and Joint Schools
  • English and Joint Schools
  • Human Sciences
  • History of Art
  • Mathematics and Joint Schools
  • Law
  • Modern Languages and Joint Schools
  • Medicine
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Oriental Studies
  • Physics and Joint Schools
  • Psychology and Joint Schools

Academic Staff (the list of some of the academic staff members is given below)

  • Engineering: Professor David Edwards
  • English: Mr Bernard O'Donoghue
  • French: Professor Christina Howells
  • History, Modern: Dr Jane Garnett
  • Management Studies: Dr Oren Sussman
  • Mathematics: Professor Nick Woodhouse
  • Philosophy: Dr Alexander Paseau
  • Portuguese: Dr Claudia Pazos-Alonso
  • Psychology: Dr Chris Summerfield
  • Chaplain: Revd. Jonathan Herapath
  • Domestic Bursar: Ms Pauline Linières-Hartley
  • Tutor for Women: Professor Christina Howells
  • Senior Tutor: Dr Caroline Mawson
  • Tutor for Graduates: Dr Ben Berks

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