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Theology at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Theology. The course is well-structured and designed with the intention of imparting high standard education. To enjoy Theology, students need to be interested in the questions it raises and not sure about all answers. For this reason; however, the course focuses mainly on the development and origins of Christian theology. The course appeals to individuals from a wide variety of religious and intellectual or nonreligious backgrounds.

In order to engage with all the different aspects of the course, students have to be something of a philosopher and a historian, a linguist and a textual & literary critic. All these disciplines jointly not only help to make a theologian but also like the other arts subjects equip students to embark on a broad range of careers.

Theology at Oxford

The Theology Faculty at Oxford has over hundred members covering approximately every possible branch of the discipline ranging from specialists in the ancient literature and languages of the world's religions to systematic theologians and church historians. Its reputation fascinates scholars from across the world as visiting lectures. The university organizes seminars and workshops where prominent scholars are invited to guide students. Students participate in theses activities enthusiastically.

The university has a well-equipped library comprising a rich collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines. Apart from the Bodleian and the faculty libraries, some of the college libraries have a theology section. Students also have an easy access to the theological library at Pusey House. The Faculty Centre also provides access to a wide spectrum of networked resources in Humanities comprising library catalogues, electronic journals, digitized texts for different parts of the course and language learning programmes.

Career Opportunities

Some of the theology graduates go on to further research and study to become professional theologians whereas others get into different areas. Recent graduates have entered careers as diverse as the Civil Service, law, education media, social work, banking, publishing, management consultancy, personnel management, accountancy, the police force, teaching, in some instances, the Church.

Students are advised to refer the Theology Faculty's website for further information about careers for theologians. Recent theology graduates include a head of Divinity at an independent school and an editor for a publishing company. Gillian, one of the oxford graduates is presently working as a clerk in holy orders for the Church of England where she is teaching, preaching, debating and ministering to the dying. The rounded and deep grounding in Theology is indispensable when it comes to the varied nature of her job. After completing this degree, students get into various fields to carve their career.

Entrance Requirements

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38 - 40 comprising core points
  • Or any academic equivalent

Religious Studies to A-level, Higher Level or Advanced Higher in the IB or any other academic equivalent may be useful to students in completing this course. However, this is not required for admission.

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