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Theology at Oxford - Course Outline


Some of the students shall have an opportunity to visit Israel during the vacation in order to travel on a study tour with a college tutor or to work on an archaeological dig or in a kibbutz to study Hebrew in Jerusalem. There are many other opportunities for a year abroad at Bonn University, Germany.

Weekly Timetable

The university organizes some classes and lectures, which are open to all undergraduates. Students spend a large part of the week in private study in preparation for tutorials that are held with college tutors typically once a week.

Terms 1 and 2


Students need to take three or four papers from following options:

  • Pali
  • The study of religions
  • The Christian doctrine of creation
  • The study of New Testament set texts
  • The study of Old Testament set texts
  • Introduction to philosophy
  • The history of the early Church
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • New Testament Greek
  • Classical Arabic


First University exams One written paper in three or four subjects

Terms 3-9


Four compulsory core subjects

  • History, theology and literature of the Old Testament (Hebrew as optional)
  • History, theology and literature of the New Testament (Greek as optional)
  • Development of the doctrine in the early Church
  • Development of Christian doctrine up to the modern day

Four further options

Students may choose between three tracks from which they take four papers in all:

  • Track One: minimum two papers from a wide range that offers a more extensive study of the New and Old Testaments along with some use of biblical languages
  • Track Two: two or three papers based on the development of Christian history and doctrine from the early medieval period to contemporary times, Christian moral reasoning and philosophy of religion
  • Track Three: one paper based on the nature of religious belief and two papers specializing in one of four major world religions -Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism or Islam
  • Whichever track students choose, they may add in one or two papers or an extended essay from the same or other tracks or from a broader range of other options (for instance Christian spirituality, science and religion, sociology of religion, biblical archaeology and psychology of religion)


Final University exams Eight written papers (four options and four core papers)

Other Courses

There are many Permanent Private Halls (St Stephen's House, Regent's Park, St Benet's, Blackfriars, Wycliffe Hall) and an Mansfield and Harris Manchester Colleges and an Anglican Theological College (Ripon College Cuddesdon) enrich the life of the faculty by Certificate and BTh in Theology. Candidates choose up to twelve areas of study including Christian prayer, theology and worship and the integration of theological and biblical studies that may be evaluated by extended essays. These essays may include an excellent opportunity to undertake practical work. Applications must be made directly to one of the above.

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