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Theology at Oxford - Application Procedure

Candidates are advised to follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information provides specific details for students applying for Theology course.

Written Work

Theology candidates need to submit two pieces of written work that have been marked in the usual process of college or school work. In place of one essay, students may send an exam or test answer to an unseen question that has been marked and supervised by their college or school. It must be noted that all written work should be in English.

Candidates must send work in Religious Studies if they are studying this subject to A-level or equivalent. If students cannot submit samples of work in Religious Studies, then they should submit work in a related area. If students do not have such written work available, then they must contact the Tutor for Admission at their first choice or allocated college. This allocated college will suggest to students alternative work or essay topics.

Students must ensure that the work is not overly long but conforms to the published guidelines on the submission of written work as tutors wish to examine the conciseness and pertinence of their work. If students have any question, they may contact their first choice or allocated college or email the undergraduate admissions coordinator. Students do not need to take a written test while applying for this course.

What Tutors Look for?

Tutors are mainly interested in students' previous academic achievements as demonstrated, for instance, by their GCSE results or other exam results and in the quality of their submitted written work. However, tutors may take the other information on their UCAS application into account such as their personal references and statement. Personal statement must focus on students' academic reasons for wishing to pursue the course applied for. Personal references must comment basically on students' academic performance.

During the interview, tutors shall be looking for students' ability to think clearly, openness to learning, listen and respond to counterarguments, form sound arguments, oral communication skills and evidence of motivation and enthusiasm for the course.

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