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St Hugh's College, Oxford

St Hugh's College was established in 1886. Presently, it is one of the largest colleges in Oxford. The college was established with the purpose of offering an Oxford education to women and a strong sense of its radical tradition. St Hugh's College now accepts men and women and welcomes students from each country with different background.

St Hugh's College has a beautiful setting just to the north of the city centre with Edwardian buildings and some largest college grounds. St Hugh's is known as the 'island site' because of its tranquil gardens and restful place to work and live.

The college offers various scholarships, awards and grants to undergraduates on the basis of students' performance in university examinations or for any other outstanding work. The college members are entitled to apply for grants to help with vacation travel associated to their course of study. The college also has funds available for those students who encounter various unforeseen financial hardship during their time at St Hugh's. the college is situated approximately ten minutes' walk from the city centre among beautiful and spacious gardens.

St Hugh's College is committed to promoting a thriving culture of intellectual and research engagement and graduate students participate in various activities such as artistic, intellectual, social and sporting life at St Hugh's.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

St Hugh's welcomes applications from students with disabilities. It has a limited number of rooms with disabled access and makes adjustments wherever required.

Library Resources

The college has a large and well-equipped library with twenty-four hour access. It has an ample array of books and journals. For more information, please refer the university website.

Computing Resources

  • The MCR has a well-equipped computer room and the College offers an extensive IT support
  • All rooms have internet connections and most of them have access to phone lines

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

The college has gardens, which are venue for tennis, croquet and Frisbee. St Hugh's is the only oxford college with the own basketball courts. The college also organizes various sports and shares them with Wadham College that is only a few minutes away by bicycle. The college boathouse is also shared with Wadham, while a multi-gym exists to encourage both rowers.

Accommodation and Meals

  • Some of the graduate accommodation is offered as single study-bedrooms within large Victorian houses located around the college site and separate from the undergraduate accommodation
  • Preference shall be given to graduates from overseas and outside Oxford
  • Limited accommodation is available couples
  • Meals available in college throughout the year
  • Separate laundry and cooking facilities are provided

Funding and Prizes

St Hugh's College offers a small number of studentship. The college offers these awards with the intention of assisting students to prove outstanding academic excellence at graduate level. For more information about prizes and funding, please visit the college website.


The MCR plays a vital role in college life, organizing speaker meetings and social activities. The MCR takes part in college dramatic and musical events, sporting and sends representatives to related college committees.


  • Biochemistry
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Classics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics and Management
  • Earth Sciences
  • English Language and Literature
  • Engineering
  • History
  • Fine Art
  • Law
  • Human Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Mathematical Sciences and Computer Sciences
  • Music
  • Modern Languages
  • Physics
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • PPE

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