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St Edmund Hall, Oxford

St Edmund Hall is known for its informal and friendly atmosphere and is home to a diverse and lively graduate community. The college has strong commitment to graduate study and graduate students. Graduate students form an important proportion of the Hall and represent a varied population of students from across the world studying a broad range of subjects.

Graduate students are completely integrated into college life through social, academic, sporting and cultural events and interactions between graduates and fellows are facilitated through SCR/MCR academic events. St Edmund Hall welcomes applications in various fields and each graduate is given a College Advisor who is available for consultation on personal and academic matters. Many events are organized to welcome graduate students and provide them opportunities for social and academic interaction across the academic year.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

St Edmund Hall is happy to provide many facilities to graduate students with disabilities or special needs. St Edmund Hall has an easy access to all main areas of the college and has some specially adapted accommodation on the main site.

Library Resources

St Edmund Hall has a well-equipped library, which is located within the Norman Church of St Peter-in-the-East. The library incorporates various books, magazines, periodicals and journals.

Computing Resources

  • All college sites comprising study bedroom accommodation have landline LAN and Wireless connections.
  • The college has well-equipped computer rooms with painting facilities. The painting room is situated within its MCR on the main site. The college also has the Norham Gardens.

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

St Edmund Hall students take part in various sports teams and crews. The college has dedicated multi-gym at the Norham Gardens graduate centre and also a boathouse. The college has a strong artistic community built around the John Oldham Drama Society. It also has an orchestra, college art collection, choir and choral groups and a music practice room.

Other Facilities

Graduate students have their own popular MCR common room on the front courtyard of the main site. Here students have magazines and newspapers and coffee and coffee are served throughout the day. Graduate students may also dine with fellows on High Table every week.

Accommodation and Meals

St Edmund Hall aims at providing all first year graduate students college accommodation.

The main accommodation site is an attractive St. Edmund Hall Graduate Centre in Norham Gardens near to the University Parks, shops and various university departments. The is the major location within the university and only a five-minute walk from the main college site, libraries and departments. The Centre includes a gym, laundry, common room, computing room and television room. The college has eleven self-contained flats for couples and a self-contained house. Students may take the meal in Hall with other student members of the college on the main site. However, there are outstanding self-catering kitchen facilities on the Norham Gardens site.

Prizes and Funding

St Edmund Hall offers various bursaries and scholarships for both current and prospective graduate students. These may include:

The William R Miller Graduate Scholarship

There are three scholarships available annually that provide the award holders a free college room, reasonable for up to two years

Emden Doctorow Graduate Scholarship

Two scholarships of 1,992 (to cover college fees), tenable for two years, for students pursuing DPhil or Masters in the Social Sciences

Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Fellowship

The fellowship is awarded to a Columbia College graduating senior. It offers a stipend for one year's worth of study in Social Sciences (15,500) at the Hall.

Clarendon Scholarships

St Edmund Hall in association with Oxford University offers four Clarendon Scholarships of 5,000, one in each of the four educational divisions.

College Grants

Various college grants and bursaries are available for academic purposes such as assistance with hardship and fees.

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