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St Cross College, Oxford

St Cross College is affiliated to the Oxford University, which dedicates to the needs of graduate students. The college occupies a fine combination of modern and traditional buildings on a very central site on St Giles', near to the main university facilities and the heart of the city.

St Cross College has about half of the students from outside the UK, various from Europe, the USA, Japan, Canada and SE Asia. In all, more than fifty counties are represented. The college is widely known for its informal and friendly atmosphere. Students and fellows share all the college's facilities equally, therefore, students have an excellent opportunity to meet, mix up and discuss with fellows of the college.

St Cross College is completely devoted to the advancement of its students' academic objectives. It takes pride in offering all students the opportunity for study in haven of academic tranquility during the vacation. For more information, students are advised to refer the university website.

Library Resources

St Cross College has a well-equipped library. The library incorporates a fine collection of books, periodicals, magazines and journals. Students are encouraged to spend their time in the library. The library also includes works by college members and fellows.

Computing Resources

  • Wireless internet access is available throughout the main areas of the St Giles site
  • Rooms are well-equipped with computer facilities on the main site and at the Annexe accommodation building
  • All study bedrooms also have internet connectivity

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

The college has a lively Arts Committee offering a wide range of events. These include a photography competition, lectures, galleries and theatres, visits to exhibition and an annual Musical Evening. St Cross does not have sports facilities and playing fields. However, an arrangement with Wolfson College enables students to join their sporting teams and clubs comprising a Wolfson College Club.

Other Facilities

  • Kitchen facilities, laundry facilities and payphones are available in student accommodation areas
  • Photocopying and fax facilities are available

Accommodation at St Cross

  • Forty-nine rooms are available at the Annexe on St Cross Road
  • Accommodation is available on a basis of 'first come first served'
  • Eighteen rooms are available in houses on Abingdon Road
  • Twenty-four rooms are available in houses close to the main site
  • One flat and one suite of rooms are available for couples
  • Nineteen rooms are available on the main site
  • The College does not provide accommodation for families

The college is in the process of attaining further accommodation in various houses situated in central Oxford. For more information, please visit the university website.

Meals and Catering at St Cross

The college provides lunch during vacation and term, except for short periods at Easter, Christmas and few weeks in August, guests can be entertained. There is a Hall night most weeks during term times when a three-course evening meal is served to college members and guests. St Cross College has a full termly calendar of special dinners such as a Junior Members' Night, formal Guest Nights, a Junior Members' Guest Night, a Wine Tasting session and a Senior Members' Night. Some of the highlights of the college calendar are the Feast Nights, offered in Hilary and Michaelmas terms.

St Cross College organizes various events such as whisky tasting, bop nights, a colloquium series, jazz nights, coach trips, lectures and seminars and garden parties are regularly organized for the entire college membership to enjoy. For more information, please visit the university website.

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