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St Benet's Hall, Oxford

St Benet's Hall is comprised of both lay students and monks. Presently, the college admits only men and welcomes students of all faith and traditions. It invites them to engage in rigorous scholarship within a community of learning.

St Benet's Hall represents the closet living embodiment of the kind of community that shaped the university in the thirtieth century. The college focuses upon a small number of closely related subjects, commonly in the Humanities at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Presently, there are five monks in residence, four graduate students and forty-eight undergraduates. The college building itself is a fine Grade II listed Georgian house, which includes a library, a dining hall, a chapel and bedrooms for its students and has an enclosed garden.

The monastic office and Mass are celebrated everyday in the chapel and members are welcome to attend. The main common room is shared by graduates, undergraduates and tutors. They all have food at the same common table, building an unusually cohensive community.

Library Resources

St Benet's Hall has a well-equipped library. The library is open twenty-four hour and it has approximately 8, 000 volumes. The library is a pleasant workplace with computers and internet points linked to the university's library network.

Computing Resources

The college has a small and much-used computer room with an efficient photocopier/printer/scanner. Wireless internet access is available acorss the college.

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

  • St Benet's has a rowing VIII. For all sports, students are formally associated to Trinity College, but may take part in the teams of other colleges
  • Students sing in the university choirs, take part in the Oxford Union, and in general are motivated to take a full part in Oxford life, its activities and societies

Accommodation and Meals

Graduate students may sometimes be provided accommodation in the Hall; however, this is not guaranteed. It must be noted that there is no family accommodation. All bedrooms in the college are equipped with internet points and telephones. Graduate students are provided rooms with en-suite facilities and may choose for a nine-month residence contract. The college has laundry machines on site, which is free for all members. The college provides meal with a reasonable charge per term.


St Benet's Hall has a joint JCR and MCR with MCR representation on the JCR committee. The main common room of the college is a large and pleasant sitting with magazines, newspapers and piano. The JCR and MCR also share a spacious and informal room with flat-screen DVD/TV, fridge and kitchenette. The enclosed garden consists of a croquet lawn and a walled, private garden. St Benet's Hall offers following courses:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy and Theology
  • Theology and Oriental Studies History
  • History and Politics
  • History and Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Politics and Economics
  • Classics (Honour Moderations and Literae Humaniores)
  • Oriental Studies (Egyptology, Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Jewish Studies and Hebrew Studies only)
  • Classics and Oriental Studies

The list of some of the academic staff members is given below.

Academic Staff

  • Senior Tutor: Dr Santha Bhattacharji
  • Classics: Mr John Eidinow, Dr Harry Sidebottom, Dr Cornelia van der Poll, Dr Marina Bazzani
  • Economics: Mr Ferdinando Giugliano
  • History: Dr Susan Doran, Dr Yvonne Cornish
  • Oriental Studies: Dr Frances Reynolds
  • Philosophy: Dr Brian Klug, Dr Joseph Shaw, Dr Mark Shehan, Dr Nicholas Waghorn
  • Politics: Dr Edward Turner
  • Psychiatry: Dr Stuart Carney
  • Theology: Revd Dr Bernard Green OSB, Revd Dr Ian Ker, Dr Philip McCosker, Dr Jennifer Cooper, Student welfare
  • Chaplain and Librarian: Revd Michael Phillips OSB
  • Harassment Officesr: Dr Susan Doran, Dr Nicholas Waghorn
  • Dean: Mr Julian Borthwick
  • Deputy Master: Dr Philip McCosker

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