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St Antony's College, Oxford

St Antony's is a cosmopolitan and lively community of graduate students specializing in the humanities and social sciences. The college is known for its rich cultural environment and stimulating intellectual life. St Antony's is a leading centre for the study of international relations, history, politics, development studies, economics and anthropology of different religions of the world.

The college is situated at a pleasant site in leafy North Oxford near to the city centre. The following area studies centres are associated with or part of the college: Asian Studies, African Studies, the Russian and Eurasian Studies, European Studies, Middle East Centre, the Latin American Centre and the Nissan Institute.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

Some of the bedrooms are specially designed for students with disabilities, which are available within college. The college welcomes students with disabilities and provides them accommodation facility.

Library Resources

  • Middle East Centre Library and Archive
  • Main College Library
  • Eurasian and Russian Studies Centre Library

Computing Resources

The college provides students a twenty-four hour access computer room. All rooms are connected to the university network and various wireless access points are available within the college. For more information, students are advised to visit the college website.

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

The college has an outstanding reputation for its cultural diversity and energetic environment, which is reflected in the broad range of extra-curricular activities found around the college. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities. Presently, these include:

  • Oxford University Africa Society
  • Antonian Wine Tasting Society (AWTS)
  • Environmental Society
  • European Movie Society
  • Tentelini (Teaching in Africa)
  • Jacari (Volunteering in Oxford)

Sports clubs include:

  • Men's football
  • Rowing
  • Yoga
  • Women's football
  • Table tennis

St Antony's is also home to St Antony's International Review (STAIR), a peer-reviewed journal run by graduate students. This journal is published twice a year. for more information, please visit the college website.

Other Facilities

  • College dining hall
  • College gym
  • Combined Common Room
  • Student late bar and café
  • Music room
  • Medical suite with regular term-time attendance by the College Doctor and College Nurse

Prizes and Funding

  • A number of travel grants, scholarship and awards are made annually
  • For further information, students are advised to visit the College pages on scholarships and grants, and the Oxford Funding Search


The Graduate Common room exists to support and serve student members of the college and is the equivalent of the MCR in various other colleges. It is represented on the Management Executive Team and College's Governing Body.

Academic Staff

  • Anthropology: Dr Walter Armbrust (Middle East), Professor Robert Barnes (Asia), Professor Roger Goodman (Japan), Dr David Pratten (Africa)
  • Comparative Education: Dr David Johnson (Africa)
  • Economics: Professor Paul Collier (Africa), Dr Jenny Corbett (Japan), Dr James Fenske (Africa), Dr Valpy FitzGerald (Latin America), Dr Carol Leonard (Russia & Eurasia), Dr Marcus Rebick (Japan), Dr Diego Sanchez-Ancochea
  • History: Professor William Beinart (Africa), Dr Jane Caplan (Europe), Dr Faisal Devji (Asia), Professor Timothy Garton Ash (Europe), Dr Nandini Gooptu (Asia), Dr Sho Konishi (Japan), Professor Alan Knight (Latin America), Professor Margaret MacMillan Dr Eugene Rogan (Middle East), Professor Robert Service (Russia & Eurasia), Dr Steve Tsang (Asia)
  • International Relations: Professor Rosemary Foot (Asia), Professor Kalypso Nicola´dis (Europe), Dr Alex Pravda (Russia & Eurasia), Professor Avi Shlaim (Middle East)

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