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St Anne's College, Oxford

St Anne's, widely known for its supportive and friendly academic environment. The college has 230 graduates from various countries. All graduates belong to the Middle Common Room, which is one of the most international, largest and vibrant in the university. The college is located a short walk from the city centre, adjacent to the University Science Area and the University Parks.

The college has a lively research community supported by fellows and research fellows throughout the disciplines. Graduate students are central to this intellectual and lively environment. There are various events, social and academic comprising seminars arranged by the MCR, which attract eminent speakers and bring together fellows and graduates informally.

A new graduate centre on the college site offers various study facilities and enhanced common room space and many bedrooms. This harmonizes the graduate centre off-site in Summertown. The Tutor for Graduates supervises the smooth running of graduate matters, working together with graduate student committee and especially its elected officers. The college has Director of Music and the Art Gallery who makes sure that the creative arts thrive.

Library Resources

  • The college has one of the largest libraries in Oxford with some 1, 10, 000 volumes and sixty current periodicals
  • The college has good collections in all subjects such as English, Education, Politics and Philosophy
  • The library is part of OLIS, Oxford's online system and it offers access to outside databases

Computing Resources

  • Shared MCR/JCR computer room with scanner, laser printing, CD-rewriters
  • Other internet/ email/library terminals are available around the College

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

  • Graduate students at St Anne's take part in various sports and other activities, comprising the literary, musical and artistic side of College life. The college has a Director of Music and an Art Gallery Director who makes sure that the creative arts flourish
  • The College shares a large boathouse and a sports field

Accommodation and Meals

  • Meals are provided in term time in the College hall
  • The graduate accommodation centre known as Robert Saunders House (RSH), is situated in the dynamic Summertown area of the university and all rooms are networked
  • Rooms are in small groups, each group has its own kitchen and bathroom
  • Additional facilities at RSH consist of a common room with DVD/ TV and a study room with a laser printer and a networked computer. There is a laundry as well
  • There are rooms on the main College site
  • There is a purpose-built nursery on the main college site
  • There is no family accommodation or double rooms

Prizes and Funding

The college offers various prizes and funding including:

  • Graduate Research Scholarships
  • Generous travel and conference grants
  • Graduate Development Scholarships, which promotes teaching experience

St Anne's is committed to various linked awards with major departments and facilities. For more information, students are advised to visit the college or the university website.


Graduate students have their social base in the college an attractive Middle Common Room, adjacent to various facilities such as new coffee bar. MCR has a graduate study centre with various workstations. These graduates elect their own MCR committee to run a number of social events including special dinners, parties and theatre visits. Graduates are leading at various college functions consisting of events particularly arranged for them, their supervisors and guests. They also create an annual journal, St Anne's Academic Review (STAAR). The list of some of the academic staff members is given below.

Academic Staff

  • Biological Sciences: Dr Martin Speight, Dr Rosemary Hails
  • African Studies: Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach
  • Computer Science: Professor Peter Jeavons, Professor Georg Gottlob
  • Chemistry: Dr Andrew Goodwin, Dr Hugh Cartwright
  • Economics: Dr Terence O'Shaughnessy
  • Earth Sciences: Dr Don Porcelli, Professor David Pyle
  • English: Dr Matthew Reynolds, Professor Kathryn Sutherland, Dr Freya Johnston
  • Engineering: Professor David Murray, Professor Alan Cocks, Dr Budimir Rosic
  • Film Studies: Dr Andrew Klevan
  • Geography: Professor David Banister, Dr Nick Middleton
  • French: Professor Patrick McGuinness, Mrs Geneviève Adams

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