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Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford - Course Outline

Weekly Timetable

During term first and second, the course work is divided into lectures and tutorials. During terms 3-9, students' time will be divided into practical classes, lectures and tutorials. Students will be given an opportunity to perform their own research project and library dissertation.


Students have a broad choice of third-year research projects comprising research projects based outside the university and other departments.

First Year


Students need to take three courses:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Neurophysiology


Three written papers
First University exams

Second and Third Year


Eight courses are taken

  • Four of the eight core topics in Experimental Psychology in terms 3 to 5 and a course in statistics and experimental design followed by one, two or three advanced option courses in Psychology in terms 6 to 8
  • Between three and five courses in Philosophy


Final University exams
Practical portfolio, eight papers, a research project or library dissertation can be taken (based upon the combination of courses)
Students need to take the equivalent of two written papers in Psychology in the second year depending on the core courses

Application Procedure

Candidates need to follow the application procedure as shown in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information will help students applying for the Psychology and Philosophy course.

Written Tests

Candidates do not need to submit any written work while applying for this course. However, they must take the Thinking Skills Assessment normally at their own college or school on the prescribed date. Candidates need to do separate registration for this test. For further details, candidates are advised to refer the university website.

What Tutors Look for?

Apart from a good track record of academic achievement, tutors are keen to see whether students appreciate the scope of philosophy and psychology, can review evidence, have a capacity for creative and logical thinking, are able to consider issues from different perspectives, could deal with the quantitative demands of the course and appreciate the importance of empirical evidence in supporting arguments.

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