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Philosophy and Theology at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Philosophy and Theology. The course encompasses a fine combination of both the subjects. It offers students a broad understanding of the subjects. Theology and philosophy brings together some of the most essential approaches to assessing and understanding the intellectual claims of religion, especially, in Christianity.

The course fosters intellectual capacities that students can apply across both disciplines and reinforce skills that they will find helpful for a wide range of activities and careers after graduation. The study of philosophy enhances analytical skills and the ability to criticize logically. The course allows students to apply these skills to various historical and contemporary schools of thought and individual thinkers. The Theology subject focuses upon various topics such as the nature and existence of God and the relevance of religion to human life.

The study of theology brings together a broad range of disciplines and skills, linguistic, historical, sociological, textual, philosophical and literary-critical. The course provides a solid foundation in the ethics and theology of early and of contemporary Christianity with a broad range of options in the study of religion including non-Christian tradition.

Philosophy and Theology at Oxford

The degree in Philosophy and Theology is constructed with the intention of providing the parallel study of these associated disciplines, which offers new perspectives on each leading to thorough understanding. The Philosophy Faculty at Oxford is one of the largest philosophy departments in the UK. The department has over seventy full-time members, admitting over five hundred undergraduates annually to read various degrees involving philosophy. Some of the faculty members have the international reputation. The department has a well-stocked library comprising books, journals, periodical and magazines.

The Theology Faculty has over 100 members covering every possible branch of the discipline ranging from experts in the ancient literature and languages of the world's religions to systematic theologians and church historians. The university organizes various workshops and seminars where prominent lecturers are invited. They guide and encourage students to gain the complete grounding of the subject.

Career Opportunities

Philosophy and Theology graduates get into various careers including school teaching, banking and finance, academic teaching and research, school teaching commerce, journalism and communications. Recent graduates have secured positions as writers, authors, teachers, newspaper and periodical editors, a journalist, a marketing executive for a philanthropy adviser and include a student at Royal Academy of Music. Students advised to visit the Theology Faculty's website for further information about the course and careers.

Entrance Requirements

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38 - 40 comprising core points
  • Or any academic equivalent

Religious Studies to A-level, Higher Level or Advanced Higher in the IB or any academic equivalent may be helpful to students in completing this course; however, this is not necessary for admission.

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