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Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). The course helps students to develop skills, which are useful for entire range of future activities and careers.

Studying philosophy at Oxford helps students to develop analytical skills and ability to criticize and reason logically. The study of politics equips students with complete understanding of the influence of political institutions on modern societies. It will help students to assess the choices that political systems should regularly make, to evaluate the values and concepts used in political analysis and to explain the processes, which change or maintain those systems.

Politics at Oxford also incorporates the study of international relations and sociology. Economics lays emphasis upon the study of how firms, consumers and government make decisions, which together determine how resources are distributed. The general workings of economy and an appreciation of economics have become increasingly essential to make sense of the conduct businesses, governmental policy-making and the massive changes in economy systems occurring across the world.

PPE at Oxford

These all three of PPE at Oxford have an international reputation supported by over two hundred scholars and teachers of the highest calibre. Students will be able to attend lectures given by various prominent visitors to Oxford each year. Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford is a flexible course that allows students to study all three branches or to specialize in two of the branches after the first year. Conversely, there is no reference to international relations or sociology in the title of the course, students may specialize in either of these subjects by choosing related options.

Career Opportunities

The careers most frequently chosen by PPE graduates are in journalism and broadcasting, banking and finance, law, politics, teaching, industry, advertising, accountancy, social work, management consultancy, business management and several branches of the public services including local government and the civil and diplomatic services. Recent Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduates include a primary school teacher, a hedge fund analyst and a fundraising officer for a disease research foundation.

Hilary, one of the Oxford graduates is presently working as an education policy-maker. After graduating, she started working at the UK Department for Education, working on a wide spectrum of domestic and international educational policies including Secondments to an NGO in Ghana and to the European Commission in Brussels. Currently, she is working at the World Bank in Washington, DC, on education in developing countries. Studying PPE fuelled her interest in sociology, equality of opportunity, interest in governance and helped her to develop skills in critical thinking and clear analysis. Upon completing this course, students get into diverse career fields. The course provides students complete understanding of the subject.

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