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Oriel College, Oxford

Oriel is one of the best colleges of the University of Oxford. The college is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Oriel attaches great importance to the academic and social integration of graduates into the life of the college. The MCR organizes an annual graduate multi-disciplinary conference where graduate students can discuss and present their research.

Oriel organizes the Joint Academic Forum that meets once a term and where students with fellows of the college present their research to the rest of the college. Oriel is keen to offer teaching opportunities for graduates. It also has its own Graduate Teaching Assistantship scheme. The Tutor for Graduates is responsible for the welfare of graduate students.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

There is a well-designed accommodation on the main college site. The college also has accommodation for students with disabilities at James Mellon Hall.

Library Resources

A well-equipped library of more than 1, 00, 000 volumes that is open twenty-four hours and is outstandingly well-funded for the purchase of new books. The college has a Senior Library, which contains ancient manuscripts and books.

Computing Resources

  • Two computer suites with scanning and printing facilities
  • Students' rooms at the James Mellon Hall and on the main College site are connected to the university internet and some of the rooms also have telephones
  • The college library, common rooms and other areas on the main college site have wireless internet access

Art, Drama, Music and Sport

Oriel has an active and lively student body. Graduate students are encouraged to take part in various extra-curricular activities and other social events. Facilities include:

  • Squash and gymnasium court at the new development at James Mellon Hall
  • Sports ground along with facilities for all major sports
  • Well-equipped boathouse
  • Gymnasium on the main College site
  • Active music society
  • Wonderful mixed Chapel choir
  • The drama society's highlight every year is a Shakespeare play staged in one of the quads

Accommodation and Meals

  • Some of the graduate students live at James Mellon Hall an annexe, near to the main site
  • The College has some accommodation for couples
  • Graduate students may dine and lunch in the College hall as they wish, and the MCR's guest night dinners are much admired

Funding and Prizes

Oriel College offers various graduate scholarships. There is a Travel Grant fund that makes generous awards each term. These are especially helpful for graduates aspiring to attend conferences. For more information about funds and prizes, students are advised visit the university website.


The attractive Middle Common Room is an outstanding social centre for graduates and provides:

  • Refurbished kitchen facilities
  • Periodicals and newspapers
  • Coffee and tea available at all times
  • One of the few MCRs to have its own bar
  • X-Box, piano and stereo system
  • Widescreen TV, VCR, Freeview and DVD player

The college has a graduate committee that is renowned for being one of the most friendly and social in the university. In each term, the MCR Committee offers a full programme of events comprising exchange dinners with other colleges, cocktail nights, guest dinners, film nights, live jazz nights and nights out in Oxford's many night clubs and restaurants. The list of some of the academic staff members is given below.

Academic Staff

  • Ancient History: Dr Teresa J Morgan
  • Chemistry: Professor David Hodgson
  • Economics: Dr Christopher C Bowdler
  • Engineering Science: Dr Douglas Hamilton
  • French: Dr Richard Scholar
  • German: Professor Annette Volfing
  • History: Professor Robert Evans
  • Law: Ms Lucinda Ferguson, Mr Richard Tur
  • Italian: Dr Giuseppe A Stellardi
  • Linguistics: Dr Elinor M Payne
  • Medicine: Professor Derek Gray
  • Russian: Dr Julie A E Curtis
  • Spanish: Dr Juan-Carlos Conde
  • Theology: Professor John Barton
  • Senior Dean: Dr Teresa Morgan
  • Dean: Ms Elizabeth Russell
  • Dean of Welfare: Ms Melissa Cortina

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