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Nuffield College, Oxford

Nuffield is a graduate college of the Oxford University specializing in the Social Sciences, particularly Politics, Economics and Sociology. It aims at providing a stimulating research-oriented environment for postgraduate students. The college was established in 1937, located in the centre of Oxford.

Nuffield College was the first college in Oxford to accept both men and women. The college provides help for those students who are embarking on a research degree leading to the DPhil. The college has a very active post-doctoral community with strong association to Nuffield students.

The college welcomes applications from candidates for research or postgraduate study in Politics, Economics, International Relations and Sociology all widely conceived. Interdisciplinary applications are also welcome. The college attempts to match the research interests of students with those of the fellows of the college. Hence, it is essential for applicants to consult further information on the research interests of the fellows.

Approximately a third of Nuffield's fellows hold appointments at Oxford as readers, lecturers or professors. The college fully funds around a dozen Official Fellowships and three-year post-doctoral research fellows. The colleges houses various young scholars who hold notable awards such as British Academy post-doctoral fellowships, a group of research active emeritus and some senior fellows.

The college is an excellent source of some of the key research developments in social science. These comprise the British Election Studies and major programme of research on Social Mobility in Britain. The college has made a chief contribution to the methodology of econometrics.

Some of the college's graduate students are interested in Politics, Economics or Sociology. The college encourages interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries of these subjects and at times admits students who are interested in disciplines such as political, economics and social history, medical and social statistics, international relations, medical sociology, American studies, social policy, social geography, commonwealth history and European studies.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

  • Central location
  • The building housing the JCR, dining hall and bar has a lift, as does the library
  • Ramps to access buildings are available
  • Once a student has been accepted, the College will try to accommodate specific requirements

Library Resources

The college library is one of the best in the social sciences. The library is well-stocked with a fine collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines. Students spend most of their time in the library.

Computing Resources

  • The College attaches substantial importance to the stipulation of computing and other research facilities
  • All rooms are networked
  • A computer start-up allowance is provided

Art, Drama, Music and Sport

  • The College has active sports teams
  • Gym
  • Piano and harpsichord in chapel
  • Outdoor sports facilities available at Worcester College

Accommodation and Meals

  • Single residential accommodation in the college along with some en-suite facilities
  • Limited partnered accommodation
  • Meals can be taken in the college across the year
  • Student kitchen

Funding and Prizes

  • Limited number of Nuffield Funded Studentships in College disciplines
  • One Swire Scholarship
  • One Nuffield Marshall Scholarship

Academic Staff

  • Economics: Stephen Nickell, Dr Stephen Bond, Professor Martin Browning, Professor David Hendry, Dr Ian Jewitt, Professor Paul Klemperer, Dr Margaret Meyer, Professor, John Muellbauer, Dr David Myatt, Dr Bent Nielsen, Professor Adrian Pagan, Professor Kevin Roberts
  • Politics: Professor Nancy Bermeo, Dr John Darwin, Dr Eline de Rooij, Dr Elias Dinas, Professor Geoffrey Evans, Dr Yuen Foong Khong, Professor Desmond King, Professor Iain McLean, Professor David Miller, Dr Anja Neundorf, Dr Sergi Pardos-Prado
  • Sociology: Professor Robert Allen, Dr Lucy Carpenter, Professor Ray Fitzpatrick, Dr Jennifer Flashman, Professor Duncan Gallie, Professor Diego Gambetta, Professor Nan
  • Dean: Professor Ray Fitzpatrick
  • Women's Advisor: Dr Lucy Carpenter

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