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Music at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Music. Music can be studied from a broad variety of perspectives. Generally, music is studied by listening or by learning to perform a musical composition.

Historical studies allow us to examine various uses of music be it in Hollywood films, 16th century Rome, amongst the aboriginal people of Australia or some other context. The approaches such as the more creative activities of composition and performance may be singled out; they cannot easily be kept separate if we are to study music musically.

Music at Oxford

Music has been one of the important parts of the cultural and intellectual life of Oxford over eight centuries. Presently, some dozen professors, lectures and readers form the academic staff in the Faculty of Music. All of these staff members have internationally distinguished reputation as composers, performers and musicologists. Their work is complemented by that of various college lectures and fellows. These faculty members help students to understand the subject completely and encourage them to acquire necessary skills.

The University invites well-known speakers and professional performing ensembles who help students to get the thorough understanding of the subject. These professionals include Phantasm, Allegri Quartet, the Oxford Philomusica and the university's professional orchestra in residence adds enjoyment and richness to the experience of being a music student. The faculty offers composition and performance workshops and many students participate in the life of college chapels as either organ scholars or choral.

The faculty building houses practice rooms for chamber, solo and orchestral work. It also has a recording studio, an electronic music and a library holding of recordings, books scores and other research materials, which are probably the most extensive in the UK. The faculty has the world-famous Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and many of these historical instruments are available for students. Students are encouraged to use these instruments to reinforce their skills.

The Music course at Oxford is widely based without compromising the prospect of increasing specialization in one or more areas as students proceed. Performance and performance-allied studies are particularly prominent among the options for Finals, whilst those wishing to focus on other areas such as analysis, history, original composition or stylistic may do so equally well. This course helps students to graduate as a mature and well-rounded musician with a lively and informed sense of the contemporary practice and study of the subject.

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