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Merton College, Oxford

Merton College is affiliated to the University of Oxford. The college is established with the intention of offering quality education in various disciplines. Graduates at Merton form part of a diverse and vibrant intellectual community. Besides excellent facilities, students enjoy various opportunities to interact with one another and reputable scholars.

Merton College has research groups such as the History of the Book, Global Directions and the Bio-Medical Sciences Group, which provides intellectual cross-pollination. The thriving MCR hosts various social events and opportunities for relaxation. Graduates form almost one half of the student body, which is larger than average proportion for a college that does not confine itself to graduates.

Merton strongly committed to the College Adviser system and to provide various opportunities for graduates to participate in and benefit from the college life. A virtual tour of Merton is available online.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

  • Merton is committed to provide equality of opportunity for students with disabilities including prospective students.
  • For more information on provision for disabled students, refer the College website and follow the link for 'health and welfare'.

Library Resources

  • The Library is housed in two locations, Lower Library in Mob Quadrangle (Mob) and Old Warden's Lodgings (OWL) in Merton Street. More information about the libraries at Merton can be found at the College website.

Computing Resources

  • Students are provided free internet access from their rooms
  • Access to computer rooms with cheap photocopying and free printing is available twenty-four hours a day

Art, Drama, Music and Sport

  • Boathouse
  • Two organs
  • Four pianos
  • Music rooms
  • Sports pavilion with pitches, squash and tennis and courts
  • Choral Foundation, further information may be found at the College website
  • Access to Real Tennis Court

Accommodation and Meals

Generally, Merton provides students accommodation for minimum two years and some of the graduates live in college accommodation during their stay Merton. It may not be possible to accommodate those students who are accepted very late in the summer. Meals are available in the college throughout the year. When possible, the college will endeavour to meet special dietary requirements. For more information about college facilities, please visit the college website.


The Middle Common Room is both a corporate community and a physical place. The MCR members may include fourth-year undergraduates, graduate students and associate members. The MCR is a varied collection of scholars, representing a wide range of nationalities, experiences and interests. Merton College offers following courses.


  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Classics and joint schools
  • China
  • Economics and Management
  • Computer Science and joint schools
  • History and joint schools
  • English and joint schools
  • Mathematics and joint schools
  • Law
  • Modern Languages and joint schools
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Music
  • PPE

Academic Staff

  • Chemistry: Professor Tim Softley, Dr Veronique Gouverneur
  • Classics: Dr Rhiannon Ash , Dr Mary Whitby
  • English: Professor Richard McCabe, Dr Michael Whitworth, Dr Kate Clune
  • French: Dr Ian Maclachlan, Mrs Renée Williams
  • History, Modern: Dr Steven Gunn, Professor Karl Gerth, Dr Matthew Grimley, Dr Mark Whittow
  • Law: Ms Mindy Chen-Wishart, Ms Jennifer Payne
  • Management Studies: Dr Alan Morrison, Dr Kathryn Blackmon
  • Mathematics: Professor Alexander Scott, Professor Ulrike Tillmann, Dr Christopher Ortner
  • Philosophy: Professor Ralph Wedgwood
  • Physics: Professor Simon Hooker, Dr Alan Barr, Dr Alexander Schekochihin
  • Physiology/Medicine: Professor David Paterson, Professor Andrew King, Dr Jane Collier, Professor Robert MacLaren
  • Politics: Dr David Rueda, Dr Sarah Percy, Dr Patricia Thornton
  • Spanish: Dr Jonathan Thacker, Student welfare

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