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Medicine at Oxford - Course Outline

First Year


First BM, Part - I

  • Patient and Doctor Course
  • Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Organization of the Body
  • Medical Sociology
  • Biochemistry and Medical Genetics


  • Four written papers
  • Three core computer-based assessments
  • Satisfactory practical record

Terms Four and Five


First BM, Part - II

  • The Nervous System
  • Systems of the Body: Integrative Aspects
  • General Pathology and Microbiology
  • Patient and Doctor Course
  • Psychology for Medicine


  • Three core computer-based assessments
  • Satisfactory practical record
  • Four written papers

Terms Six to Nine


The BA Year

  • Options (including Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, Myocardial, Infection and Immunity, Signalling in Health and Disease, Vascular and Respiratory Biology)
  • Extended Essay
  • Research project
  • Principles of Clinical Anatomy


  • Written papers
  • Qualifying exam in Principles of Clinical Anatomy
  • Presentation of research project
  • Computer-based assessment

About the Course

Research work

Besides taking computer-based and written exams and an extended essay and submitted practical reports, students need to undertake a research project as a part of their BA course. This will be in the area of personal interest to the student and offers important first-hand experience in scientific research. Students have an excellent opportunity to arrange their project placement within a broad range of departments within the university.

A Weekly Timetable

During teaching for the Pre-clinical qualification, practical exercises and lectures occupy approximately half of the time and the rest is available for self-directed study, tutorial work and extra-curricular activities. In the third year, formal lecturing shall be minimized and students are free to continue with their research project and to prepare for seminars and tutorials.

Students are encouraged throughout their stay at Oxford to question thinking and the focus here is on building knowledge with reference to findings in academic research. The academic support makes sure that students are guided to use their time well.

The four-year Accelerated Course

Students who have studied Experimental Science subjects may be eligible to apply for a four-year accelerated course. After a two-year transition course covering clinical skills and basic science, the accelerated programme leads to the final year of the clinical course and to the same Oxford medical qualification as the standard course.

A four-year course is designed and tailored specifically for science graduates and lays strong emphasis upon the scientific basis of medical practice. Students are advised to see the university website for further information.

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