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Mathematics at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Mathematics. The course is well-designed and tailored to provide quality education. The course offers students a fine blending of theories and practical exercises. Mathematics theories are constructed in order to prove a claim. Students are given problem-solving exercises in the course. In applied mathematics, the course uses mathematical concepts to explain phenomena, which occur in the real world, for instance, students can learn how a leopard gets its spots, study mathematics of financial derivatives or evaluate the intricacies of quantum relativity and theory.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and find the solutions for themselves. Students should have a solid grounding in order to do so. They must have firm basis in the methods and concepts. Students are taught to think mathematically; therefore, they will start with careful definitions from which the department builds the edifice. Mathematical is a logical subject; therefore, students will need to argue concisely and clearly as they solve problems. For some of the students, this way solving problems and thinking will be their goal. Others may desire to see what further can be discovered. Mathematics is an interesting subject and the university wants students to enjoy it.

Career Opportunities

The degree in Mathematics prepares students for employment in a broad variety of professions in the private and public sectors. Students who have completed this degree from Oxford may secure jobs as teachers, actuarial consultants, management consultants, software developers and auditors. Recent information indicates figures for first destinations of graduates as: teacher/academic 18%, further study 28%, financial 11%, analyst 11%, consultant 3%, other 29%.

Recent Mathematics graduates comprises a managing director of an international school in Hong Kong, a PhD researcher in geophysical fluid dynamics, an analyst for a professional services organization and an IT consultant. One of the Oxford graduates Joe is presently working as graphics programmer for Sony. Initially, she worked as a chartered accountant after her graduation. Joe has worked on numerous GameCube, Xbox, PS3, PSP and PS2 titles.

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