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Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Mathematics and Philosophy. This joint course brings together two of the most basic and broadly applicable intellectual skills. Mathematical ability and knowledge are the essential means of dealing with quantifiable problems whereas philosophical training develops the ability to analyze issues, clearly articulate understanding and question received assumptions.

The combination of two subjects offers a solid background from, which to proceed to graduate study in either philosophy or mathematics or to continue with diverse careers. Conventionally, there have been strong associations between philosophy and mathematics; logic, one of the important branches of both subjects, offers a natural bridge between the two.

The degree is designed with the view that the parallel study of these associated disciplines can considerably enhance students' understanding. The Philosophy Faculty at Oxford is one of the largest in the UK as well as in the world with over seventy full-time members admitting over five hundred undergraduates yearly to read different degrees involving philosophy.

Some of the faculty members at Oxford have a worldwide reputation and the faculty has the maximum research ratings of any philosophy department in the UK. The Philosophy Department has a well-equipped library. The library is among the best in the country. The large amount of undergraduates and graduates read philosophy with various other disciplines. They have an excellent opportunity to participate in a lively and diverse philosophical community.

The Department of Mathematics is one of the largest in the UK and comprises within it various world-class research groups. This is reflected in the broad choice of mathematics topics available to students, especially, in their fourth year.

Career Opportunities

Recent graduates secured various positions in different occupational areas such as research, teaching, software development, the public sector comprising journalism, the diplomatic and civil services and investment and financial analysis in the UK and abroad. Upon completing the graduation, some of the students go on to further academic study. Eleni, one of the Oxford graduates seeks out more applied approach to these issues within the area of Experimental Psychology.

Application Procedure

Candidates ought to follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information provides specific details for students applying for Mathematics and Philosophy course. When candidates apply for Mathematics and Philosophy course they may ask to be considered for admission in Mathematics if they are not admitted in Mathematics and Philosophy.

Written Work

For Philosophy, candidates need to submit two essays on the prescribed date by the university. The essays musts show their capacity for clear writing and reasoned argument; however, they are not expected to be on philosophical subjects. International students who are unable to come for interview shall also be asked to produce a sample of written work of a mathematical nature.

Written Test

Candidates should appear for the Aptitude Test in Mathematics on the prescribed date. For more details, candidates are advised to see the mathematical page of the university website.

During the interview for Philosophy, students shall be given the opportunity to unfold an analytical and critical approach to abstract questions and the capability to defend a viewpoint by reasoned argument. In Mathematics, students can find problems of a type that they have never come across before. Students are taught how to deal with new things, respond to suggestions and find simply what they have been taught.

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