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Mathematics and Computer Science at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Mathematics and Computer Science. This joint degree offers students an excellent opportunity to combine an understanding of computing with an appreciation of mathematical reasoning. Mathematics is a basic intellectual tool in computing; however, computing is increasingly used as a major component in mathematical problem-solving.

The degree course focuses on areas where computing and mathematics are most associated to each other emphasizing the bridges between practical exercises and theories. The course offers an outstanding opportunity for prospective computer scientists both to acquire a familiarity with the mathematics of application and thorough understanding of the mathematical foundations of the subject where computers can solve otherwise intractable problems.

The course equips mathematicians with an easy access to both a deeper understanding of the limits on the use of computer and a practical understanding of the use of computers in their subject. In the first year and the first part of second year, students spend their time acquiring a solid foundation in the core topics from both subjects. Students have flexibility to choose options from a broad range of Mathematics and Computer Science subjects.

Career Opportunities

The course in Mathematics and Computer Science provides students training in expression and logical thought. This degree course is a good preparation for various careers. Approximately, twenty percent of Mathematics and Computer Science graduates usually go on to further study. Some of the recent graduates secured positions as hardware and software professionals in investment analysis, research and finance analysis and comprise a product controller for an actuarial consultant, an international bank and an accountant.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information provides particular details for students who apply for Mathematics and Computer Science course.

Candidates do not need to submit any written work while applying for this course. However, candidates should appear for the Aptitude Test in Mathematics on the prescribed date by the university. Candidates are suggested to see the university website for further details.

The most essential qualities tutors looking for are the ability to think and work independently, strong mathematical ability, the capacity to create and use innovative ideas and a great deal of interest. The university uses this set of criteria and result of the Aptitude Test to determine who to shortlist for interview.

In the interview, experts will explore how students should respond to new ideas, deal with unfamiliar problems. These experts are more interested in how students approach problem-solving rather than whether they can get directly to the solution. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science does not require any previous formal qualification in computing; however, students are expected to have interest in the subject.

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