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Materials Economics and Management at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Materials, Economics and Management (MEM). The contemporary society is heavily dependent on advanced materials such as silicon microchips, lightweight composites for transport applications and optical fibres for telecommunications.

Materials scientists study the relationship between the properties and structure of a material. These scientists also develop new materials to achieve engineering specifications and set up processes for manufacturing them. The course incorporates industrially relevant scientific knowledge foundation and complete grounding in management and economics to provide a degree, which is preferably suited to a career in financial services sector, consultancy, technical management and the financial appraisal of technology.

MEM at Oxford

The degree course in Materials, Economics and Management is taught by the Department of Materials, Sad Business School and the Department of Economics. These institutions have excellent international reputations. The Department of Materials has outstanding teaching facilities comprising a well-equipped library and a computer room for students. Students are encouraged to learn in a team design project and they hone IT and presentation skills. Many employers seek for students with a degree in Materials, Economics and Management. The degree course is accredited at MEng level by the Engineering Council.

Career Opportunities

Some of the Oxford graduates make practical use of their management, scientific and economics knowledge either in financial management or in the technology sector. Many graduates go on to further academic study. Recent graduates consist of a financial auditor for a renowned petroleum company.

Application Procedure

Candidates have to follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply page of the university website. The information mentioned below provides students to apply for Materials, Economics and Management course.

Application Information

Students may apply to read MEM either on entry to Oxford or with the exemption of students at Corpus Christi College at end of the first year of the Materials Science programme. These both degree courses have a common first year. MEM shall depend on students making good progress in the first year. trinity College and Queen's College prefer those students who are interested in MEM to join the MS programme in the first instance such as students must show their interest in MEM in the personal statement on their UCAS application and seek advice from materials tutor before submitting their applications.

Students do not need to take a written test and submit any written work whilst applying for this course. Tutors in MEM look for students with an ability to apply logical reasoning to problems related to physical science. Students are expected to have enthusiasm for thinking about new concepts in engineering and science.

Students applying for MEM course will be interviewed by a tutor in either management or economics. These tutors will be looking for students with good analytical and problem-solving skills. They will evaluate how students assess and construct arguments. No special knowledge of either management or economics is required. The University of Oxford offers all facilities to students and encourages them to gain thorough understanding of the subject.

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