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Jesus College, Oxford

Jesus College is affiliated to the University Oxford. The college has dynamic multidisciplinary community, which is made up about a third of the student body. The college aims at offering its graduates the best possible support for their studies through book allowances and generous research, high standard accommodation and many other facilities.

The college is situated on the an appealing historic site in the centre of Oxford close to the Science Area, libraries and the city's amenities. Each graduate has a College Advisor, usually, a fellow in the same field. Students are provided academic support through an annual progress review with the Senior Tutors and Principal. The termly dinners and talks offer fellows and graduate students various opportunities for discussion. Preference will usually be given to graduate applicants whose research interest overlap with the college fellows.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities:

The college welcomes students with disabilities. Such students are encouraged to contact the college in advance in order to discuss support needs. For further information, students are advised to visit the college website.

Library Resources

  • Internet connections
  • College student libraries open twenty-four hours a day

Computing Resources

  • Central computer room well-equipped to a high standard
  • IT support team available to offer advice
  • College study bedrooms have free internet and network access
  • Wireless networking available free of charge in the common rooms, libraries and seminar rooms

Art, Music, Drama and Sport

  • Broad range of sports available at all levels
  • College playing fields with big sports pavilion
  • Free membership of University pool and gym
  • Boat house on the River Thames, squash courts, music room, Chapel choir
  • Subject societies

Meals and Accommodation

  • High standard accommodation for some of the fee-paying graduates
  • Accommodation situated in blocks of shared flats and in single rooms on the central site on two annexe sites
  • Dedicated block of flats for established couples
  • Letting period: during term for single rooms, 40 - 48 weeks for flats
  • Sociable and popular meals in Hall, on a pay-as-you-go system (cafeteria and formal served dinners)
  • Many shared kitchens available on the central site
  • Hall charges and MCR subscription are payable until degree is completed. Students are advised to refer the College website for current charges

Funding and Prizes

  • The annual allowances for research (up to 782) and books (up to 165) per graduate
  • Broad range of scholarship, grants and prizes available for sporting, travel and cultural activities
  • Up to 4 graduate scholarships of 825 available every year to current graduates to reward academic attainment


  • All graduates will be automatically members of the Middle Common Room (MCR)
  • Relaxed and friendly space for meeting other graduates, with Nintendo Wii, wide-screen TV and pool table
  • MCR Committee organizes a wide induction programme and a broad range of social functions during term time from brunches to cocktail evenings, DVD nights to punt parties

Academic Staff

  • Celtic: Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards
  • Biological Sciences: Dr Graham Taylor
  • Classics: Dr Armand D'Angour
  • Chemistry: Professor Mark Brouard, Dr Michael Laidlaw, Dr Edward Anderson
  • English: Dr Paulina Kewes, Dr Marion Turner, Dr James McBain, Dr James Williams
  • Engineering: Dr Will Moore, Dr Peter McFadden
  • Geography: Dr Patricia Daley, Dr Richard Grenyer, Dr Deborah Phillips
  • French: Dr Caroline Warman
  • History, Ancient: Dr Teresa Morgan
  • German: Professor Katrin Kohl
  • Italian: Dr Nicola Gardini
  • History, Modern: Dr Felicity Heal, Dr Patricia Clavin, Dr Conrad Leyser
  • Management: Dr David Barron
  • Law: Mr Peter Mirfield, Mr Rob George
  • Medicine: Dr Shankar Srinivas, Dr Christopher Winearls, Mr Richard Wassall, Dr Oliver Brain, Dr Ediri Sideso
  • Music: Dr Suzanne Aspden
  • Mathematics: Dr James Oliver, Dr Andrew Dancer, Dr Sheung Tsun Tsou
  • Physics: Dr Andrei Nomerotski, Dr John Magorrian, Dr Henry Snaith, Mr John Ward
  • Philosophy: Dr Krister Bykvist, Dr Edward Kanterian
  • Psychology: Professor Robert Rogers
  • Politics: Dr Stuart White, Dr James Tilley
  • Spanish: Dr Jonathan Thacker
  • Russian: Dr Julie Curtis
  • Theology: Dr Johannes Zachhuber

Student Welfare

  • Dean: Dr Will Moore
  • Chaplain: The Revd Megan Daffern
  • Tutor for Welfare: Dr Stuart White
  • Senior Tutor: Dr Alexandra Lumbers
  • College Nurse: Mrs Anthea Jones
  • College Doctors: Dr Jane Morris, Dr Chris Hornby

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