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Human Sciences at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Human Sciences. The course studies the social, biological and cultural aspects of human life. It provides a challenging alternative to some of the traditional courses offered at Oxford. The School was established in 1969 in recognition of the need for interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental problems and issues confronting contemporary societies.

Central topics comprises molecular and population genetics, the evolution of humans and their behaviour, population growth and ageing, cultural and ethnic diversity and the human interaction with the environment consisting of nutrition and disease. The study of both social and biological disciplines, integrated within a framework of human sustainability and diversity. The course enables the human scientist to develop occupational competencies to address such as multidimensional human problems.

The course in Human Sciences draws on specialists from various faculties in the university. Lectures introduce some of the materials students will need. They provide theories and core concepts for each paper. Tutorial provided by specialists in different fields allow students to consider specific topics in greater depth. They allow students with different academic backgrounds to obtain the necessary foundation across a wide range of subjects. The university has Pauling Human Sciences Centre.

The Oxford Department of Human Sciences has tutorial rooms, lecture/seminar room and a reading room. The Human Sciences Centre office is a valuable resource offering various information and guidance about lecture timetable, books, teaching arrangements and journals in various other libraries to which students have access. Additionally, the Centre has a cross-section of books covering a variety of aspects of the course, which are particularly chosen for undergraduate use.

The Human Sciences Centre is a focus for many informal activities, which ranges from student-organized symposia to regular lunches. The Centre provides students a friendly base that contributes greatly to undergraduate's participation in the course.

Career Opportunities

Some of the Human Sciences graduates will go on to professional and academic training in genetics, medicine, anthropology, demography and sociology whereas others move into different areas. Recent graduates have found various opportunities in fields including local government, civil services, health services, media, teaching, industry, law, commerce management consultancy and accountancy, computing and include a writer of children's books, an editor, a solicitor and a financial analyst.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information provides students to apply for Human Sciences course.

Tests and Written Work

Students do not need to take a written test or submit any written work while apply for this course. If students wish, they may submit a statement of approximately 100 words about why they like to study Human Sciences by the prescribed date.

Tutors will ask questions in the interview, which provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their interest in specific topics in the human sciences. The interview aims at assessing students' ability to use information to construct their opinions. Students are expected to have interest about the subject.

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