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History at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in History. The course is well built and modified with the view of providing quality education. The course in history incorporates the study of many societies and the study of individual societies over extended periods of time concurrently to enrich understanding of the past.

The course offers an outstanding education by developing an awareness of different social, cultural, political and economic structures in past societies and their interrelationship. It incorporates strong debate over questions of interpretation with an extensive attention to the source materials. Its constant enhancement by cross-fertilization from various disciplines goes to produce new questions about the past.

History at Oxford

The University of Oxford has a wide chronological sweep of its courses and a huge amount of choices available for students. Students can study options on any part of European and British history from the declining periods of the Roman Empire to the present day.

The geographical series is also extensive. There are options comprising Asian, African, North American and Latin American history. Students are motivated to adopt different interdisciplinary approaches to their work. The faculty is strong on cultural and intellectual options. The History Faculty at Oxford is at the front position of research.

Careers Opportunities

Some of the history graduates get into careers in fields such as investment banking, law, advertising, consultancies, the Civil Services, accountancy, journalism, publishing, global charity work, media, librarianship, museums, teaching and archive work. Recent graduates consist of an investment management associate, a civil servant at the Department of Health and a barrister.

One of the Oxford graduates, Edward, is presently working as a curator. His degree helped him to acquire a position with the Pendle Heritage Centre and then at Historic Scotland. Subsequently, he became a curator for the National Museum of the US Navy. Another student, Brook, graduated from Oxford. He is now reporting and planning accountant. He decided to get into Delloitte as a trainee chartered accountant to learn the fundamental of finance. He laid emphasis upon auditing investment banks. His accounting background helped him to get a job in finance department at EDF Energy.

Sean graduated in 2008 and currently working as a football development officer. After graduation, he took the position of Football Sabbatical Officer for the University and since then he got his present job where he works for the Independent Schools Football Association. His undergraduate degree and extra-curricular activities such as delivering presentations and writing strategic documents helped him to get a good job. He had experiences coaching women's football at Somerville and for the university.

Sian graduated from Oxford in 2008 and worked as assistant brand manager on Braun and Pringles at Procter and Gamble. The graduation degree helped Sian to enhance time management skills, analytical skills and capability to think critically. The course provides students thorough understanding of the subject.

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