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History of Art at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in History of Art. The course is designed and modified with the view of providing high standard education in Art. The undergraduate degree in History of Art focuses upon various objects usually described as 'art'.

The course in History of Art aims at arriving at a historical understanding of the origins of artefacts within specific world cultures, the media used, asking about the circumstances of their making, the functions of the objects and images, their critical reception and their subsequent history.

The course provides a thorough understanding in the historical interpretation of artefacts in their cultural contexts. A degree in History of Art enhances skills in the critical analysis of objects through the cultivation of visual literacy. The obtained skills have wide applicability in a broad range of professional settings as well as catering the needs of enduring personal enlightenment.

The University of Oxford has unsurpassed resources for the study of visual cultures on a global basis. The University collections comprising the world-famous Ashmolean Museum offer subjects for first hand study under the close guidance of those entrusted with their care. The course incorporates historic architecture of the city and its vicinity supplies a good source of study in its own right. The Oxford degree in History of Art equips students with innovative insights into a broader range of world art than is available elsewhere in Britain.

The course lays emphasis upon how the written sources and primary visual from various places and periods can be analyzed in different ways. The course encourages students to enquire about the nature of reactions.

Career Opportunities

Cultural industries are the biggest employers in the world. Apart from galleries and museums, there are many governmental and non-governmental agencies that work to promote, conserve and research cultural heritage and the production of art. Additionally, History of Art graduates shall be competitive for posts in any area, which requires combinations of verbal and visual skills such as advertising, publishing and marketing. All humanity graduates have a wide career prospect, they many get into different rage of professionals.

Recently, History of Art graduates comprise a curator and a teacher. One of the Oxford graduates, Elle, is now an account manager. She is presently working at the corporate advertising agency Totem. The degree in History of Art helped her to get the job. Upon completing the undergraduate degree, she started working at the Institute Of Contemporary Art's press office. She also worked at Alphabet Advertising and Fig Tree. These experienced helped her to get the current job. The University of Oxford provides students all facilities and encourages them to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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