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History and Economics at Oxford - Course Outline

First Year


Students need to take following four papers

  • Introductory economics
  • General history (primarily European): four options obtainable
  • Historical methods (available options: Historiography, Approaches to history: Tacitus to Weber, Foreign texts, Quantification)
  • Optional subject (comprising the use of primary sources)


Four written examinations
First University examinations

Second and Third Years


Core courses in Economic History and Economics

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • British economic history since 1870
  • Quantitative economics
  • A period of general history (eighteen options) or of British history (seven options)
  • Economic history option (English society in the 17th century or British society in the 20th century or The first industrial revolution)]

Optional Courses

  • Two further subjects in History or a special subject in History or two further subjects in Economics or one further subject in Economics and one further subject in History
  • Choices in History comprise: Society and government in France, China in war and revolution, 1890-1949, Imperialism and nationalism, 1830-1980, politics, culture and identity in Cold War Europe, 1945-68
  • Choices in Economics comprise: International economics, Money and Banking, Economics of developing countries, Economics of industry


Final University exams
Seven written papers of which one may be replaced by a thesis

A Weekly Timetable

Students are expected to attend approximately five lectures a week during the first year, execute research in libraries, take part in regular meetings with tutors to discuss work and write minimum one essay per week. In the second and third year, students have an opportunity to substitute a thesis for one of the necessary papers that will enable students to do a piece of independent research.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information will help students to apply for an undergraduate course in History and Economics.

Written Work

Candidates need to submit the two recent marked coursework essays by the prescribed date. These two essays must be one in economics or a similar subject and one on a historical topics or any equivalent. Students should write these coursework essays in their own time as part of their college or school work. For more information, students are advised to visit the university website.

Written Test

Candidates who are applying for the Economics and History are needed to take two tests: The History Aptitude Test and a test for Economics for students who are short-listed. These tests are held during the Oxford interview period in December. A specimen paper and further details may be found on the history faculty website.

The UCAS personal statements and submitted work are probable to form beginning points for discussion in students' interview. Some of the colleges may need students to read a short passage of historical writing whilst students are up for interview, they will be asked to discuss as part of the interview. Tutors are not interested in the level of students' knowledge. However, they expect that students should have interest in their subject.

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