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History and Politics at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in History and Politics. The course aims at bringing together complementary but separate disciplines to form a simulating and coherent programme. The course not only enables students to set contemporary political problems in historical perspective but also provides them to approach the study of the past with the conceptual firmness derived from political science.

The special feature of History and Politics at Oxford is an opportunity to choose subjects very widely across the two disciplines. Therefore, it is possible to combine the analysis of contemporary political systems with the medieval historical options. The expertise of various Oxford's political historians and theorists in the history of political thought, the emphasis is laid upon interdisciplinary in a number of both history and politics papers and the thematic approach taken to the teaching of general history in the first year.

Career Opportunities

Some of the History and Politics graduates go on to further research and study to become professional historians whereas others get into different areas. Recent graduates have started their careers in advertising, accountancy, archive work, the civil service, finance, consultancy, media, international charity work, law, management consultancy, librarianship, politics, museums, research, publishing, social work, theatre and teaching.

Some of the graduates may include PhD researcher in political science, a civil servant and a senior account executive in public relations. Nezam, who graduated in 2008, is presently working as a senior analyst at Merrill Lynch International. He worked in the investment banking industry. His degree helped him to develop analytical skills and intellectual curiosity.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page. The following information provides specific details for candidates who are applying for the History and Politics course.

Written Work

Candidates need to send an essay on an historical topic of A2 level or any equivalent. This essay must be written in their own time as part of their college or school work by the prescribed date. For more information about the written work, students are advised to refer submission of written work page of the university website.

Written Test

Candidates should take the history aptitude test generally at their own college or school on the prescribed date. Candidates should make sure that they are available to appear for the test on the time. For further information, students are advised to refer the university website.

If candidates are short-listed for interview, then they need to submit their work and UCAS personal statements. Subsequently, students have to discuss their work in the interview. Some of the colleges may require students to read a short piece of prose or any other material before the interview. Tutors are not interested in the level of students' knowledge. However, they expect students must have interest in their subject.

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