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History (Ancient and Modern) at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in History (Ancient and Modern). The course incorporates various aspects of history. It enables students to get thorough understanding of the subject. The course encourages students to study history from the Bronze-Age Mediterranean and Near East through the Middle Ages, Roman Empire and early modern period to European, British and world history in the present day.

This undergraduate course at Oxford offers an outstanding range of choices reflecting the width of interests of those who teach here. The Oxford History and Classics Faculties are well-recognized at national and international level for research and teaching. Some of the people who teach students are prominent researchers in their fields. These experts encourage students to develop their interest in the subject. The study of original sources forms the fundamental of special and further subjects.

Career Opportunities

Generally, Oxford historians move on to careers in various fields such as investment banking and consultancies, law, accountancy, advertising, publishing, civil service, the media and journalism, museums, global charity work, archive work and librarianship and teaching. Recent History (Ancient and Modern) graduates consist of a librarian, a civil servant and a charity campaign manager.

One of the Oxford graduates, Mary Kate, believes that this course has helped her to sharpen skills and developed the ability to work under pressure. The course also facilitated her to hone her analytical skills and learn to work independently.

Application Procedure

Candidates ought to follow the application procedure properly. The information mentioned below will help students to apply for the History course properly.

Written Work

Candidates need to send in a marked essay of A2 level or any equivalent written in their time as part of college or school work by the prescribed date. The essay may focus on the topics from modern or ancient history. Students are advised to see the university website for more information.

Written Test

Candidates should take the History Aptitude Test generally at their college or school by the prescribed date. They must ensure that they are available to take the test at this time. A specimen paper and more information about this can be found on the history faculty website.

Generally, tutors seek for students who can demonstrate the skills required by History undergraduates. Even though students have not studied ancient history or classics previously, it is necessary to show some awareness and interest in the ancient world comprising its material remains. Some of the colleges may require students to read a short passage of historical writing at the time of interview. Subsequently, students will be asked to discuss on this topic. The course helps students to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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