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Green Templeton College, Oxford

Green Templeton College (GTC) is Oxford's one of the newest graduate colleges. It was established in 2008 following the historic fusion of Templeton College and Green College. The college has a distinctive academic profile, specializing in subjects associated to human welfare and economic, social and environmental well-being in the twenty-first century comprising management, medical sciences and most social sciences.

Green Templeton College is located at the beautiful Radcliffe Observatory site on Woodstock Road, within easy walking distance of the Said Business School, City Centre and the University Science Area. Interaction and collaboration between fellows and students is enthusiastically encouraged and supported with this dynamism symbolized by a dining room and single common room. Informal and friendly, the diverse college community forms the backdrop for an energetic social and academic scene.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

  • A small number of student rooms are particularly adapted for students with mobility problems
  • A limited number of parking spaces are available at Rewley Abbey Court and at College houses
  • The EP Abraham Lecture Theatre is fitted with a loop aerial for use with hearing aids and has lift access
  • The dining room that is on the ground floor of the Observatory is easily accessible
  • Applicants with specific requirements are encouraged to contact GTC in advance to discuss their requirements

Library Resources

  • The Library houses a wide range of periodicals and books covering all GTC subjects
  • Specialist collections comprise the Pierre Wack Futures Library
  • Access to online databases and catalogues is provided with tuition where required

Computing Resources

  • Students have wireless internet access available across the site
  • Student rooms (in annexes and on-site) have internet access
  • Two well-equipped computer rooms provide eleven computers for student use on site

Art, Drama, Music and Sport

  • On-site facilities for squash, tennis and gym
  • Active boat club along with College boathouse at Longbridges
  • Also active in cricket, basketball, rugby and football
  • College societies comprise the Book Club, Wine Society and informal choir

Other Facilities

  • Links to a number of Research Centres in many disciplines, for more information, please visit the College website
  • Regular lectures take place in term-time
  • Funding available for student-led academic activities like the annual Human Welfare Conference

Meal and Accommodation

  • Single rooms are located in the St Margaret's Road annexes or on site with access to full kitchen facilities
  • Self-contained and shared flats are located at Rewley Abbey Court, which is next to the Sad Business School
  • The College owns various terraced houses bordering the College site on Observatory Street, which are suitable for families
  • Lunch is available Monday-Friday
  • Formal dinners are held on Thursdays, Wednesdays and some Fridays

Prizes and Funding

GTC offers an increasing range of high-value scholarships. Learning grants of 200 each year are available to all students. The college also offers various smaller academic prizes throughout the year. For further information, students are advised to visit either college website or the university website.


  • All GTC students will be automatically members of the GCR (the equivalent of the MCR in other colleges).
  • Activities are based around the games room and bar in the Stables Building in the centre of the College.
  • The GCR Committee organizes sporting and social events throughout the year

Some of the academic staff members are listed below.

Academic Staff:

  • Biological Physics & Nano Medicine: Dr Sonia Antoranz Contera, Dr Stephen Tucker
  • Cancer Epidemiology & Research: Professor Valerie Beral, Dr Francesca Crowe
  • Cardiology: Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya
  • Clinical Biochemistry: Dr Richard Gibbons
  • Clinical Geratology: Professor Gordon Wilcock
  • Clinical Neurology: Dr Michael Donaghy, Dr Peter Rothwell, Dr Martin Turner
  • Complexity Science: Dr Eduardo Lopez
  • Clinical Pharmacology: Dr Jeffrey Aronson
  • Computational Biology: Dr David Kay
  • Computer Science: Dr James Worrell
  • Criminology: Dr Carolyn Hoyle
  • Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism: Professor Keith Frayn, Professor Mark McCarthy, Professor John Wass
  • Educational Studies: Professor John Furlong and Professor Ingrid Lunt
  • Environment: Dr Sarah Darby, Dr Chuks Okereke, Dr Roger Street
  • Gastroenterology: Professor Fiona Powrie
  • General Practice: Dr Gillie Evans, Dr Laurence Leaver, Dr Ann McPherson
  • Health Economics: Dr Winnie Yip
  • History of Medicine: Professor Mark Harrison
  • Human Anatomy: Dr Mary McMenamin
  • Immunology: Professor Kathryn Wood
  • International Development: Dr Xiaolan Fu, Professor Roger Zetter

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