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Geography at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Geography. The course is well designed to impart quality education. Geography is a diverse discipline, which bridges the social, arts and natural sciences offering a broad education and addressing pressing issues, which include global and regional inequalities, environmental change, the transformation of international economy and culture, natural hazards, planning, urbanization, ethnic segregation, etc. Students attain a rational view of the swiftly changing world and the ways wherein society influences and get influenced by it.

Geography at Oxford

The undergraduate degree in Geography at Oxford lays emphasis upon the interrelationships between society and the human and physical environment. Students are introduced to the wide series of geographical topics in the foundational courses, which they subsequently follow up in the optional papers thoroughly.

There is significantly emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches in the course. Students are given various opportunities to explore the cross-fertilization in geography and other disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, political science, history, biology, earth sciences and economics. The tutorial system provides plenty opportunities for independent work and the quest of the subject.

The university organizes seminars, workshops and classes. These activities offer a change to interact with other students in discussing particular issues. Some of the special lectures by visiting speakers within as well as outside the School of Geography enhance the opportunities open to potential geographers.

The School of Geography is one of the leading institutions in the country. The school has Radcliffe Science Library, which has ample collection of 1, 07, 000 volumes, over 200 journals and many of the study material is online. Students are provided with database system and computerized search. Students can use an extensive library resource elsewhere in the university. Students who have taken the Physical Geography options shall use laboratories. These laboratories are well equipped for both individual research projects and practical courses.

Career Opportunities

Students who have completed graduation in Geography have a wide range of transferable skills comprising graphicacy and numeracy, literacy with their experience of working in groups and research projects. Some of the graduates are able to utilize their geographical knowledge directly in their job or in further degrees. Recently, geography graduates have proceeded to employment in central and local government, management consultancy, heritage and conservation management, media, law, research and teaching and comprise a government and public sector consultant, an assistant manager for an international professional services organization and a chartered accountant.

One of the Oxford graduates, Sam, working as an environmental consultant. Upon completing the degree, Sam did some research into environmental and ethical companies based in Oxford. He volunteered to do part-time research with the view to get some experience. Subsequently, Sam was offered a six-month internship that has now turned into a permanent position. Another Oxford graduate, Hannah, is presently working as freelance documentary filmmaker.

Hannah did massive amount of theatre work and helped to run the photography society that was organized and sound engineered live bands. She also attended life drawing classes. She enhanced her skills and get information easily through the course. She also wrote intelligent scripts and applied her knowledge to the work. The degree course provides students thorough understanding of the subject.

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