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Fine Art at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Fine Arts. The course is the study and making of visual art. It prepares and educates students to become artists and to follow other practices, which are aligned to the making of art. The course curriculum is centered on the individual student's imagination and potential.

Fine Art at Oxford

The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art offers studio-based BFA course of a three-year wherein students work alongside each other in associated organized studios. In the studio, there are various fine art courses run in a atmosphere devoted absolutely to art and design. Students at Ruskin, as members of a collegiate university, have the benefit of contact with their contemporaries on all of university's other courses.

The Ruskin degree course aims at developing a mature grasp of the spectrum of critical database and strong independent points of view surrounding modern art and its various international histories. Ruskin provides students highly motivated environment where students get a good sense of how to organize their time in the university.

The first year of the course is designed to introduce students to each other, people involved in teaching and other resources of the school. Students are equipped with various activities such as individual discussion and group criticism with visiting artists and tutors. These activities help students to enhance a strong sense of the diversity of opinion and experience within the school.

The working circumstances of the school are arranged into two buildings. Theory, art history and criticism are viewed as inseparable to the development of all studio work. The Ruskin also takes pleasure in a constructive and strong relationship with Modern Art Oxford. Students have complete access to various outstanding university museums and libraries comprising Ashmolean.

The Ruskin Laboratory coordinates various aspects of the School's research. Students are encouraged to take interest in these research activities. Ruskin school and its staff have established various professional and personal relationships with galleries and museums in London. The school is well equipped with all facilities and students are given individual attention to enhance their knowledge.

Career Opportunities

Some of the students aim to become professional artists and this aspiration is supported throughout the fine art programme. The education and structure offered by the university strengthens students' knowledge and imagination in such a way that various other paths can be followed. Most of the graduates consequently go on to graduate studies in Fine Art whereas some students continue with associated subjects. The university maintains good contacts with ex-students and enthusiastically follows their developing careers. Ruskin students constantly make substantial contributions in their creative fields. Recent Fine Art graduates comprise critics, professional artists, a creative director and writers.

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