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Experimental Psychology at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Experimental Psychology. The course is defined as the science of mental life. The scope of experimental psychology comprises a broad range of issues. The course is designed and tailored with the view of providing high standard education.

Psychology at Oxford

Psychology at Oxford is primarily a scientific discipline comprising the rigorous testing and formulation of ideas. It works through systematic and experiments observation than introspection. The Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford is broadly regarded as one of the prominent psychology departments in the UK. The department organizes four or five research seminars each week. It is largely committed to research. The department offers excellence in teaching besides undergraduate classes and lectures. Presently, there are especially strong research groups in the fields of human cognitive processes, vision, social psychology, developmental psychology, vision and neuroscience.

Careers Opportunities

Students who have completed Experimental Psychology get into careers various fields such as teaching and research, professional psychology, industry and finance. Some of the careers require additional training and study. The degree in Experimental Psychology is accredited by the British Psychological Society for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership.

One of the graduate students, Rachel is working as client consultant at Nunwood. She has worked for two big market research companies specializing in advertising and brands research. She further says that a degree in experimental science helped her to enhance analytical skills. The degree also helped her to gain project management experience, which is invaluable in her respective career.

Bella has graduated in 2007 and presently working as a talent manager. She has started her career as a graduate trainee at TVF Media. Her role involves areas of talent management comprising training, recruitment, bonus and salary remuneration and employment law.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply page of the university website. The following information helps students applying for this course.

Candidates who are applying for this course do not need to submit any written work. However, they are required to take the Thinking Skills Assessment usually at their own colleges and schools on the prescribed date. Candidates need to register for this course separately. The prospective applicants must refer to TSA website for more information and specimen paper.

Apart from a very good track record of academic achievement, tutors are enthusiastic to see whether students appreciate the scope of scientific psychology, able to consider issues from different perspectives, can assess evidence, have ability for creative and logical thinking, could deal with the quantitative demands of the course and appreciate the significance of empirical evidence in supporting arguments. For detailed information about the application procedure, candidates are advised to see the university website.

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